About Me

I have been blessed with photography by my birth but, just realized it 3 years back. Haven't got much experience with me but i am very strong with my techniques and the others i am still observing and learning. While I do photograph some of that, I am so much more. I capture what I put before my eyes. My work posted here is only catered to this site. I photograph just about every type of subject out there if it catches my interest. I have no interest in being on your list of just another photographer to shoot with. You really have to want to see what I shoot and WANT to shoot that. If I feeling is mutual, then lets get to it. Otherwise, I am VERY content with the people I've already worked with.



11 May 10 00:31
Hi, thanks for the add. nice port, hope working with you u someday.
04 Jan 10 03:39
Many thanks for your request dear, great portfolio :)
03 Jan 10 10:21
Welcome to istudio. Your port is stunning.
02 Jan 10 05:58
Welcome to istudio.I love your work!!!
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