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About Me

My passions are headshots, soft focus lingerie and glamour.
I like shooting Black and white like times past.

TF shoots are limited to models that have somthing that can add to my portfolio. inquire if you feel you have that something. Tell me what that something is, don't just say " I want to work with you." give me a sales pitch...tell me what you have to offer that is different than what i have.

I expect the models to show up on time. be professional.
PLEASE: If you schedule with me and can't make it, Call or send a message.

If you would prefer to call, feel free to do so anytime 9 am - 10 pm 7 days a week.

" Noone will do it for you, Only YOU can do it !!!!! "

"""'To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did' """

""" Before you can have a memory, you have to make it """"



Models I have worked with.

Ashley Crawford MM 699739
Bobbi Bennington MM 793230
Domique MM 744855
JennetMarie MM 782356
Jessica P MM 815645
Kaira MM 823606
Lisalynn MM
Marica Linn MM 496802
Monika Marie MM 714906
Sabrina Atkinson MM 308138
Samantha L
Sweetcheeks MM746619
Tia MM 762137
Vicious Luxalicious MM 484531
Worthylady MM 532478
Anastasia T MM 837538
Brelynn MM 741512
Elana MM 881687
Tracy morse
Cathy Oaks
Sandy morris

DenisePace MM 526564
Artistry by JLowe mm 559429
Fierce About Face 233327


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