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Alonzo Gault is a jewel in the making...raw talent with skills polished by natural drive and insight. The execution of his vision and attention to detail are unrivaled in my past experiences. The resulting art produced was a measure of success only produced by the best. I look forward to working together on projects in the future and being part of his career in some small way. ***Hunter Bigham - Model***

I have had the great pleasure of working with Alonzo on multiple shoots, each shoot having its own unique vibe. Alonzo is always full of fresh and exciting new ideas and brings an enthusiasm and eye for detail to each shoot that is unparalleled. Alonzo has a passion for art that can be seen in his beautiful, edgy, simply amazing photographs. ***Cassie-Lynn - Model***

I have just done a shoot with Alonzo and i was very impressed with the quality of work he does. very professional and made me feel very comfortable. i enjoyed every minute of it and cant wait to work with him again. ***Nate - Model***

***All models are asked to complete a model questionnaire and required to sign a and model realease form.***

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Great portfolio!
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