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My Facebook fan page is what stays up to date so be sure to go to it to see the latest and greatest imagery.
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"I am an ARTIST. Similar to a painter, the camera is my brush, the lights are my paint and your body is my canvas. So let me paint your body with light and create a forever lasting masterpiece together!" ---Me

I am a very passionate photographer looking to collaborate with other brilliant minds and beautiful faces to create artistic and sensual images. My goal is to make you as uber sexy and beautiful as possible! 0 I take photography seriously and I hope to work with people who are as passionate as myself. I feel I am friendly, easy to get along with and outgoing. I prefer outdoor, exotic, lingerie, bikini, and artistic nude photography, but I am open-minded and up for any type of ideas that present themselves.

I help new and experienced models build a professional portfolio to promote themselves. New faces are always welcome!

If you are looking to book a shoot, feel free to send an e-mail to

Serious inquiries only! I am very respectful and aware the value of one's time so please be courteous to mine.

***Sorry models but no escorts, boyfriends, friends or parents! No excuses. We are professional and this is a job. Do you really bring these people to any other day job? None of this "for my protection" crap either. I have plenty of references you can contact and I believe the work speaks for itself. If your scared, this is not the industry for you.

Makeup artists, hair stylists or anyone involved in the production are ok.

Please, no rogue friend requests, stop by and say hello or something.

My studios consist of a gorgeous house and pool in Santee, a certified high end auto repair facility in Kearny Mesa and any outdoor location you can think of. If you want to get down and dirty in the shop then message me and lets create wonders!

Feel free to visit my photography site for even more photos at


The beautiful models that I have had the honor to work with (Not complete list!):

Heather Shanholtz - #22359
Rachael Christine - #15858
Natasha Torres - #1950584
Kyleen Pico - #1505929
Cynthie* - #749478
Angela Lea - #575419
Denise - #438834
Dana Nassiri - #533919
Tony Tung Le - #800377
Connie Lyn** - #674856
Chareese M** - #807489
Jennifer** - #1345722
Martharlie Keth* - #1015872
Suzi - #1078431
AJ Fulton - #1018812
Jennifer Willey* - #1183615
Davorah Fine** - #118401
MelanieRHerbers - #551030
Sarah Herbers - #517415
Elle A Corona** - #1491779
Sara Tatiana* - #805623
Frances Grace - #1430217
Marisela Jay*** - #849887
Kaliane Murphy - #1627331
Olia - #118429
Christy Corpuz* - #882579
Jacqlene* - #1515363
Mercy Pnay - #1415069
Staci Rae - #1508754
Nichole Parker - #670420
Kelly Kathryn - #1609047
Heather Alexander - #1738234
Keela Potter - #1572764
Fernanda Castellanos - #374248
Megan (MG) - #521943
Lynzie C - #1445669
Kristen Clinkscales** - #1877823
Jessica Vanesa - #816495
Nessa Rae Apostol - #1874279
Ursula Nicole - #1814862
Kaylie Schultz - #1379575
Tori Clute - #1895614
Maira Kayleen - #1991034
Jamie Michelle - #364628
Shanna Lynn - #42345
Britt Shelstad - #163849
Franny Nin - #160534
Morgan Masoner - #1713080
Alisha Lucik
Vivid Villalobos
Shanna Lowder
Kasey Chisholm
Rebecca Miller
Gianna Mazzon****
Sarah McDowd
Jessica - Not on MM
Bri - Not on MM
Barbie** - Not on MM
April - Not on MM

I cannot thank you all enough for coming out, working with me and doing your thing!

Bloch - #1818565

The Roseary Room (Scissors & Guns Productions)

Kandy Shop Bikinis -
Bonsoir Bella (Brandi Bee) - #1793870
Money Does Grow On Trees! (Matthew Earnhart) -
Fearless Clothing (Chris) -

2012 Mardi Gras in the SD Gas Lamp
2010 San Diego Glamour & Glow - SD World Beat Center
2010 Pink Party - House Of Blues
2011 Glamour & Glow - 4th & B
2011 91x Wrex The Halls - Christmas Party
May Star's Fashion Whore
Playboys Miss Social
ShamROCK 2011 - Gas Lamp, San Diego
ShamROCK 2012 - Gas Lamp, San Diego
Block Party Fashion - Stingaree Nightclub
Scissors & Guns
Boudoir Nightclub
Westcoast Club Life