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Welcome to my profile, I'm a photographer of about 10 years experience having started as a travel photographer but in recent years concentrated more on fashion and portraiture.

My aim is to be able to create pictures of beauty and with that, all my shoots are very relaxed and fun events. I am able to give direction, but at the same time I enjoy capturing spontaneity as this is what gives pictures life.

I'm looking to collaborate with people who share similar passion be it from a modelling, makeup or stylist background.

For additional examples of my fashion / portraiture work visit my website at www.andrew-chang.com


- Natalina-Mauritius -
I had a great time at the photoshoot the other week! You chose some fab locations, and you made me feel very relaxed. I love the pics. Thanks very much.

- Joanne Frances -
Just wanted to say thank you for the other weekend. I had a really relaxed, fun time, and I love the photos. Just need to decide which to put on my profile!
Would be great to work with you again in the future.

- Alicia Crockford -
I really enjoyed working with you last week - an autumn themed shoot - you had lots of great ideas about colour, light and movement - great photo's! 0

- Vykki Turner -
Andy dude 0
had a fab time shooting, bloody adore the pic's,
will so def work with you again in the future,
cheers dude
take it easy

- Emily E Everett -
Andy was the best and most fun photographer I've worked with yet! He is easy-going, but works hard to get the shot and delivers great photos! I'm looking forward to working with Andy again!

- Catlion -
I had a great time today Andy, thanks so much!! you really know how to engage and how to make the best out of locations, light and style!! well done you! will always recomend you!

- Carla Ritchie -
Thank you so much Andy for the fun photo shoot and for your helpful tips! I appreciate you working on the photos so quickly. You took some really amazing shots, I love them. I'd be happy to work with you again if ever you needed me! Keep in touch.

- Sophia Everson -
Worked with Andy a few weeks ago on a location shoot and had such a laugh! Really laid back feel and easy to get along with... Amazing pictures and a really nice day! A must when it comes to photographers to work with!! Thanks Andy!!

- MegStrangler -
I really really liked working with you! You are a nice person and above all I felt really comfortable during the photoshooting, which was great! :] And what's more I love the pictures! I hope we will shoot someday again! Thank you!! Cheers, Meg

- Mia Brooke -
Had a shoot with andy in december, really lovely guy,very open to models suggestions,have some great images for my portfolio

- Azzi Kalili -
You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Your images have a unique way of capturing the pure spirit of the model. Thank you for a great shoot

- Lexie Lambert -
You've taken some amazing pictures, it was a really fun (if muddy!) shoot! I was very impressed by the way you work and your professionalism, definitely somebody who knows and loves what he is doing 0 Hope you had fun in 'Wonderland' heehee Lexie x

- Donna Wilkinson -
I worked with Andy about a week ago. I have to say it was a GREAT experience, we worked in some amazing and interesting locations. He was very professional and really helpful. Gave the perfect amount of direction, just enough to be helpful but allowing you to work yourself too. This was one of my best shoot, and i loved it and I love the end results! If you a re thinking of working with him i 100 percent recommend it! 0

- Vixen Van-Cartier -
Thank you so much for an amazing shoot today, it was an absolute pleasure working with someone as creative, positive and supportive as you. Hope to work with you again sometime in the near future. =]

- Amy-J -
was great working with you!! Great results!! Thank you!!

- Angel_Of_Darkness -
Thank you so much for last Sunday. It was great working with you and I lok forward to any future events were we can work together again 0

- Signor Pompelmo -
It was great working with you today. 0

- Ligia Costa -
Hey thank you for Saturday was really wicked working with you, hope to shoot again soon. Photos looked amazing 0 Gigi 0


14 Jun 11 03:17
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28 May 11 18:41
nice port dear! barby
12 May 11 06:42
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