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About Me

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email me at: justin {{at}} ohsnapp D0T net

I am looking to gain confidence and experience in working with clients to plan and develop a concept and provide them the end result images they hope for. I have discovered this is a very pleasing and rewarding aspect of photography.

I love the immediacy of digital as well as the beauty and rewarding process of film so I shoot both. [Nikon DSLR, Nikon F100 35mm SLR, Contax 645 medium format SLR, Hasselblad 500c/m, Fuji GF670 medium format folding rangefinder.] I love developing and scanning film. One special thing I can offer in trade (besides electronic images of course) is actual B&W gelatin silver prints if we shoot film. :-)


Shoot ideas I would like to develop and realize (last updated 12/17/11):
- couples shoot, engagement style photos
- female in mens clothing (business wear, tie, etc.)
- winter wear attire (it is cold outside after all these days!)
- large headphones combined with great facial expressions
- shooting on docks at a marina (I love sailing and the water)
- something involving stylish and fashionable hats
- something involving creative use of palm fronds
- flexible figure / dance poses set in a wide open scenic landscape or forest
- long exposure shots of someone sleeping
- illumination of a person under a sheet, like a kids fort, sneakily reading at night, hand puppets, other props, possibly nude figure study.
- sports shoot or athletics shoot (running/bikinig on a trail, boxing gloves, tennis court, or pool table)
- vintage clothing, perhaps something involving vintage aprons and cookware.