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What is beauty? What is great art? Both are highly subjective. I'm not really looking to make the latter, but to capture the first, mostly using the spirit and attitude of my subjects. The female form is inherently alluring and it will capture a man's attention, but her eyes and smile will melt or wither his heart. That is what I want to capture and preserve.

I am an amateur photographer from McLean, VA. I have been shooting glamor stills for many years, but mostly during my trips to the UK. I have had a few shoots in the US.

By working with me, you are not going to get more exposure to the fashion world, or become famous. Hopefully you will gain more confidence and experience while having a good time. If you are already a pro, maybe you can teach me a thing or two. I am open to new ideas and your suggestions.



29 Aug 10 17:41
Just visiting your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you're ever in need of assistance retouching your images
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