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with: _Anne E_ http://www.frozenwhisper.com/

In 1991 I took a very big turn in my Life, and I entered as a student at the Academy of Beautifull Art to follow a curse Photography in Eveningclasses.
In ’95 ended this first cyclus of this and studiet to enter my diploma with distinction…
Aftherhoods I proceed this corse with 2 jears to specialise me…
This I ended in ’97 With big distinction as resolt of this….

Photography became my Passion and i’m still try to my develop further and further
And looking for a surch from ‘Light till Gloomy/Dark’
Mainly I prefer to work on concepts..
But that will not say I would put in one corner…

with: _Kwelling_
with: _Paula_
with: _Nikki Dey_

I took part on different Exhabitions in Group…
A big part of my Photography, I work on Dance – and Theaterphotography…
And I also worked together with oa. Jan Fabre, Thierry Smiths (comp. Thor)
Hush Hush Hush, Natascha Pire and more…
For those I published a few pictures…
Also I work on freebace for Culturale Centra…

For now I try to work with different people, and to work to a Exhabition Personal…
Also looking out to work together with other photographers…

Allway's looking for: "FROM LIGHT TO DARK" Sometimes a littlebit CHAOTIC ...useally...* Trying to make Images, they tell there ONE story's or giving a bit of MY THOUGHTS..., EMOTIONS... All about a PASSION, or being Passioned... FEELINGS... My way to EXPRESS..., TRY TOO...

Personal Website: http://www.lucvanput.be/



_Carino_ #:1497315


27 Jan 10 10:06
Hi, Luc! Thank you for so nice opinions. It's great to hear them, especially from such a great photographer! I love your photos, the atmosphere... Wish you all the best, Monika
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