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UPDATE:I will be moving to New York October 1st. If you want to set up a shoot before let me know. So New York Models and Makeup Artist and Stylist let's Rock n Roll!

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NOTE TO MODELS AND MAKEUP ARTIST: If we shoot together if it's payed or trade please allow me at least a week to process and edit photos. I understand you are excited as I'm excited to see the finished product but also understand we put a lot into setting up the session and organizing everything that goes into the shoot so have the courtesy to allow me to do the best editing I can on the photos. I know your time is very valuable and repect what you do And please undertand I only want to deliver you the best finished product.

Thank you for your understanding!

Hello and welcome to my page. I'm slowly moving into Photography full time and loving it. I feel my work is progressing and Speaking for it's self. I really appreciate all the kind words from everyone and request for shoots. I would like to thank everyone I've had the opportunity to work with thus far you all know who you are.

I am no Longer available for TF work as the request are overwhelming me! I am offering some really awesome rates for models looking to expand their books.

I'm totally ok with escorts as long as they don't mind working for free. I do prefer no boyfriends or husbands they tend to be uncomfortable which makes the model not perform well.

Scott Farmer



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