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About Me


Please check my website for castings if you want TF. I ONLY SHOOT TF for my castings. Message me for details.

I'm originally from Cincinnati, but I moved here for School at Washington University. I Graduated, and now I'm giving St. Louis a chance to play a BIG role in my future.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE, doing artistic and unusual portfolio shots for models. Although I am quite capable of taking MANY types of photos--Kids, Couples, Engagement Photos, Calender and Mag, Catalogs, Product shots, Fashion, ETC...

If you think I can help you, don't hesitate to contact me. Rates a Very Negotiable, and a portfolio shoot from me is VERY reasonably priced.

***TF RULES***
I do TF only under the following conditions:

1. You answer one of my casting calls, and ACTUALLY shoot what I'm casting.

2. I've worked with you before, contacted you for TF, or you come to me with a HOT idea that I cannot pass up.

3. There is cornbread or greens involved.

If you want to shoot TF with me:

1. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE CASTING CALL before you respond. I explain my shoots VERY thoroughly and hate repeating information that was posted clearly in the casting.

2. Please have an Idea WHEN you want to shoot. Booking and paying for locations is difficult enough without not knowing when the shoot is gonna take place. At Least give me a list of available dates to work from.

3. Time=Money! Don't waste either. I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping new models get exciting, edgy shots for their ports. I HATE HATE HATE paying for a location, booking an MUA or assistant, not booking paid shoots, FOR A NO SHOW. I understand that things happen and a little contact goes a long way.

I hate to have to break it down like that. I know some of you have had BAD experiences with Photogs. I have had some similar experiences with TF so i have to be careful too.

Please check out my WEBSITE for the latest casting calls. I am always looking for the few, the brave, and the willing, to participate in my crazy schemes.

I am currently seeking pregnant-and-showing models, so that I can broaden my portfolio. If you are interested in my artistic process, or know someone who may be, please let me know. I will ALWAYS shoot maternity shoots TF if you are wanting artistic shoots.


17 Dec 10 01:13
Welcome! Please feel free to take advantage of my Holiday Retouch Special. More info can be viewed on my profile! Thanks :)
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