Melissa Lim
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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
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Weight:105 lbs
Shoe Size:5
Hair Color:Black
Hair Length:Long
Eye Color:Black
Ethnicity :Asian
Skin Color:Olive
Experience:Some Experience
Compensation:Depends on Assignment
Join:1 Oct 2009
Last:28 Jan 2011

About Me

Update: Currently based in Singapore.

I've already got my feet wet, figured out my market value, learned about the inner workings of the industry and am concentrating on my other main career path so I got to be a lot more selective with my time when it comes to modeling as a creative hobby. I'll be focusing on quality over quantity, but I'll always make time for projects i think worthwhile so don't hesitate to contact me. I'm sure you'll understand that paid assignments naturally come first.


My Philosophy

Once you say you are going to settle for second, that's exactly what happens to you in life.

John F. Kennedy  

If you wanna be the best, you gonna learn and work with the best. This isn't just typical self-help advice anymore. It is scientifically proven that your brain has mirror neurons that mimicks those people you often hang out with: … ive_p.html

Okay, enough nerdy stuff.

Let's make things happen.

I'm your muse, you're my magician.

Who i am as a model

I'm seeking to enhance my portfolio and build it to the point where i can blow minds and eyes away like never before (check out my lists for a glimpse to my inspirations and goals).

In a nutshell, I possess the following traits:

- dedication
- reliability
- eagerness to learn and adapt
- great ideas
- an infectious, positive attitude

I'm also:

- easy-going and open-minded
- fun and funny (in a goofy ashton kutcher way)
- take instructions well (especially when i'm clueless)
- have great input (when asked)
- a unique perspective on things.

I'm a perfectionist, albeit an imperfect one, always striving to improve myself in all areas so that i can be the best person for those who i love and cherish.

Though modeling is just for fun, it is just in my nature to excel in anything i decide to do, for pleasure or work. And i have.

That being said, if i have faith in your talent, i will work my butt off with you to produce the best of art together. I will go the extra mile to look out for the best locations for us, my perfect angle, seek and build connections with whoever you need, spend enough time for the shoot until i'm moulded into the image you're going for.

Modeling Background

Why i got thrown in this cut-throat industry..

Modeling has never really crossed my mind because i've always had the preconceived notion that it is reserved for extraordinarily beautiful people with perfect facial symmetry. I thought that it is about genetic advantage and having all the luck in the world, and as must as i hate to admit it, i get intimidated when you ask me to match up to such high standards.

I am ridiculously wrong.

The industry has grown to appreciate all kinds of looks and body types and i'm surprise how some people, whom i never thought was the stereotypical "model material" as set forth by reowned magazines like vogue, playboy, whatever, are doing so well and getting so much work.

"Beauty" is becoming increasingly common and completely achievable with the advent of silicon boobs, advance photoshop and numerous beauty/make-up tools. It takes more than just a "pretty face" to excel in this industry. You will soar if you're honest about yourself and work hard (and smart), learn about personal branding and surround yourself with talented and reliable people.

With encouragement from people (whom i respect of course - not ghetto guys from the clubs who hit on every girl) who keep telling me that i'm "model material" and that they're "surprised that i'm not modelling", the adventurous spirit in me decided to give it a shot. Even if their notion of "model material" is not accurate, it still an ego boost. Hehe.


Message me here or email me at

If you already have a concept in mind, include as much details as you can such as:

Available Times:
Compensation: TFCD/TFP or Paid
Type of shoot:
MUA/Stylist provided:

I'm absolutely not interested in nudes/implied nuded.

I'm open to anything else with focus on commercial, advertising, fashion, editorial, beauty, creative and on occasion, glamor.


Coming soon.


04 Mar 10 11:03
Hi Melissa, i think your profile is very interesting to read, and your photos are very attractive, elegant, and Stunning, Love Gareth.
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