About Me

Hello! I'm Vadim Zee. Photographer. Welcome here.

Vision is the natural way to precept the world. Vision is most expandable way of exploring reality. Highest form of exploration of the world is witnessing the world. Capturing the moment. Being at the same moment inside and outside. Subject and Object. World is beautiful in it's eternity of possible forms. In every form, breath, sight or sound. So, welcome, and enjoy the world the way I see it. Not that much to show at this moment, it's just a start of the journey, and you are very welcome to join. Whatever you choose - to be a spectator, actor or co-creator.

Everything is growing and changing so me, please feel free to visit this place as often as you like, and I promise, each time you may find something new.

For most recent works check my flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/zeelight/sets/