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I relocated to China in April - I am now in a tropical paradise called Sanya (Hainan Island) so if you are into beach/tropical shoots, come visit me!!!
I am not shooting full time anymore, but if you want to take a break and relax, enjoy the beach and do a few shots with me, then contact me!!!
NEW STUDIO is now available in Sanya!
Add me on FB !!! http://www.facebook.com/Geeepsy
OK let's make it short:
* I'm a French born freelance photographer who lives in Taiwan and travels around Asia.
* I do BOTH commercial and artistic work (I exhibit as well).
* Do not feel obligated to leave comments; likewise I only return comments if I like your work.
* Do NOT judge me by the photos you see here I am constantly evolving.
* I only pay models if it is commercial work!!!
* I also trade--that is shoot what you need for what I want, if you match my criteria
* I am interested in: high fashion/beauty, conceptual/artistic, glamour, nude, and crazy ideas.
* I am getting increasingly picky about models, but what I care most is attitude. No divas please!
* You'll get your photos within a couple of weeks. Whenever possible, I like to meet models beforehand to prepare the shoot.
* All models have to sign a photo release!!
* I like to have fun, if you are dead serious, you're not my style.
* I speak fluent French, English, Chinese and Italian.
* I also SCOUT models for local agencies


Publications: Body Magazine, WeMen magazine, WOW Taipei, Taipei City Guide, TATLER, Boating magazine, Lifestyle Magazine, Taipei Gourmet Guide, WEN culture magazine, Interior Design, Apple Daily, China Boating, Fun Travel, Asia colors, books, CD covers and posters...
Shows: Official photographer for the Italian and French fashion weeks (2000-2002), Various fashion shows and Asian Celebrities.
Brands: Toyota, Cogito, Carven, US Polo, DIOR, L'Oreal, Cartier, Makeup Forever, Bluebell group, Anelli, Khieng, La Pensee, Powerhouse, CK, major Italian and French yacht brands, etc...
Model agencies: EMS Models, Runway Models, S&L Models, Chaos...
Photos and web design for several Int'l websites.

MM credits (all wonderful people):
Elisabeth West (USA) #864911 **
Jenny Ho (Taiwan) #880587 *****
Chaos (Sweden) #200228
Angela (Canada) #822708
Lily Wang (China) #486946
Miss Zee (China) #497527
Bella (Malaysia) #627456
Chevonne (USA) #230107
Janet Wu (Taiwan) #107997
Rabia Billings (Taiwan) #884641
Gracey (Taiwan) #766984**
Nabi Headstrong (Thailand) #874528
Shu Aldosseri (Thailand) #839985
Natalie Lorence (Thailand) #871613
Leisha Aram (USA) #1144687
Sheri C (NY) #1024455
Renee HO (Taiwan)#1166998***
Miss Ting (Belgium) #702848
Elizabeth Lin (Taiwan) #1731261
Sable Lynn (China) #1169892
Emily Leong (Singapore) #869264
Hanie (Bali) #2232642

Jenny Ho (Taiwan) #553711******
Bilou (Thailand) #1019206
Lucky (China)
PT HO (Taiwan) #751168
Yenling (taiwan) #1115445
Isabelle & Henri (Taiwan)

Oren Nahum (China) #710001

Non-MM (recent) collabs (sorry if I forget any)
Hai Kai-jan (Taiwan) ****
Amy Yeh (Taiwan)
Juliet ZHU (Taiwan) ***
Jane (Taiwan)
Jenny Chen (Taiwan)
Maya (Taiwan) ***
Emily (Taiwan)
Betty Lin (Taiwan)
Ashley (Taiwan - Runway Models)

And MANY too many more great people to list here --!!


14 Aug 11 12:32
Thank you for the App !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Shots , Your Art Work So Amazing ^^ Wish I could Learn alot from you sir
27 Dec 10 01:56
Just stop and looking your work. GREAT WORK you have.
26 Dec 10 21:21
You are an incredibly amazing photographer!
13 Apr 09 06:10
yes am here how have u been?
07 Apr 09 21:53
Hey Thanks for the tag. I'm in KL now :) ps Nice port!
05 Apr 09 20:45
Beautiful photos!
05 Apr 09 11:38
You have a beautiful port, keep up the good work... Kelly xx
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