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About Me

I am fairly new to the photography game. I have been a photographer for about a year now and am looking to expand from my general area.

If you look at my photos you will see that I love taking pictures of pretty much anything end everything that catches my eye.

I am currently shooting a variety of photos for my book. I would like to venture out and be more well rounded with my photography. I am always looking for models to pose either in front of structures, with art or along side exotic vehicles.

I have an edgy and exotic style. I am always down for the chance to work with new people, challenges, or ideas. If you would like to work with me, or become an on the Brink model, message me and we will take it from there!

Would you like to set up a shoot with me?

1. Suggest a shooting day/time with your own wardrobe in mind and a style of photography that matches your wardobe
2. A phone call is required within 30 days to reserve shooting day and time. No call, no reservation.
3. Provide ID before the shoot begins
4. Have fun!!!