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***GTT -- I will be leaving Seattle July 1st and living between Austin and San Marcos Tx***


up in a family of artists I have had the pleasure of learning about visual art from a very young age. I always knew that I had a connection to art from my immediate family but it wasnt until recently that I realized my artistic roots were much deeper. Now it seems almost inevitable that I pursue my love for the visual arts.

I began pursuing my passion at a very young age with a 35mm camera in a black and white dark room. My immediate interests as a child were mostly centered around abstract and perspective art. Later in my education I progressed into video and did everything I could to gain as much experience as possible in hopes of someday creating a career for myself. In that pursuit I found a new love for photography, and realized that a camera was my true medium of expression, be it video or still.

**I am currently only going to be doing a VERY limited number of TFP shoots however if you have an idea you would like to come to me with, please dont hesitate!**

**Also if I have sent you a friend request or left a comment on your page or one of your photos there was something about your portfolio that caught my eye, feel free to ask about TFP opportunities**


A young decorated film director, producer, and camera man, who has recently changed his focus to still photography. Joseph A Sims is a competent and professional photographer whose focus in his work is to capture the images that he sees in his minds eye. He is a hard worker who will take the time to really work on the small details. His detail oriented methods show in his final product. His eye has been trained by film, and he brings that perspective, as well as others to his now chosen art.
As a resident of the Bellevue/Seattle area, Joseph A Sims hopes to continue his photography work, as well as network with others in the field in the area. His recent work tends to work more towards the grunge style, although he is capable of many different styles and is constantly looking for new inspiration and styles. He hopes to work with other models and photographers, in order to learn more.
Joe A Sims has a highly professional attitude, is detail oriented, and is always willing to work with new people, since the best way to learn anything is to learn from the people around you.

(Artist review by Ian Lees)


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22 Jun 10 02:18
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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