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ACPS, Inc. Eugene Breaux Photographer, APA NAPP

Advertising and Commercial Photography Services
Lifestyle, Fashion, Corporate and Editorial Photography

Miami / Ft.Lauderdale / South Beach

South Florida Models and Actors
Professional Quality Head-shots and Model's Portfolios. Images that will get you real jobs.

There is no charge to select models at the photo workshop for head-shots and portfolio images taken at a workshop session. Yes, that means these images are shot for free. Models and makeup artist who volunteer for the workshop are the 1st choice for paying jobs by workshop Pro Photographers and myself. Call 305 582-4978

Experience 35+ years, Lifestyle Advertising Photographer.

I am the instructor at the Light Study Pro Photographic Workshop for Emerging Professional Photographers. If you are a Model, MUA, Stylist or Designer that would like to work with or network with this group of professional photographers please let me know. I can guarantee you that the testing images they will do with you will be outstanding. You will be 1st choice for paying jobs.

If you are an advanced photographer wanting to move up to the level of an Emerging Professional this Workshop is for you, contact me.

I do collaborate with other professionals in the industry to work on interesting and unusual projects as test, stock or portfolio images. Let me know what type of project you have in mind.

As a professional I require all models to sign a standard models release. I do sell my images as stock and will have the model participate in the revenue.

I follow all APA & ASMP professional trade ethics and standards.

Oh, and you will have fun, myself and my crew always have a great time, that's one of the reasons we are in the business.

We assist other Pro Photographers with all production needs when shooting in the Greater Miami area, models, assistants, makeup artist, stylist, producers, labs, digital techs, repairs, equipment rentals and purchases, studio rentals, location scouting, props acquisition, etc. All pre and post production needs. Give us a call with what you need. 305 582-4978

OurPhoto Studio:
Approx. 1,000 sq ft. fully equipped professional photo studio. 12ft ceiling. Sealed cement floors. Shooting area is 17x25 ft. Central air conditioning that is on all the time, set to a comfortable 72*. Holds about 20 people seated comfortable and about 8 photographers shooting comfortably. Full stainless steel kitchen and full bathroom. Skyhook system for backdrops, scrims and reflectors. Sound system. Large double doors for moving in large objects. Freight elevator. Modern building recently built for artist and photographers. Gated high security building with video surveillance. The perfect venue for a small photography workshop.

Email: eugeneb@hotmail.com


Eugene Breaux is an advertising and commercial photographer based out of Miami, Florida, USA.

Some of His Many Clients:
United States White House
Merrill Lynch
Verizon Wireless
Keyes Real Estate
Texas Ranges Baseball Team
International Silver
Environmental Protection Agency
Broward Country Florida Marketing
Advanced Photo Services - Miami, FL
All Stars Basketball Team - Miami, FL

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