About Me

I'm an artist.., paint, draw, print, sculpt, make...no particular rules.
The main work is figurative, I paint light, movement, tension and bodies. Most of my paintings are invented, I visualise the line and movement in my head and work straight on the canvas from there.
I stretch the figure, accentuate muscle-line and tendons, incorporate three poses in one, paint light where it was and where it's going to be.

When I do work with a model, it's more of a collaboration, I'm the model's artist as much as the other way 'round, the input works both ways..I don't like ordinary.

Life drawings are different, they're almost a form of excercise and they let you push your boundaries. My drawings go from languid to edgy to erotic, depending on mood, model and chemistry.

I have a couple of long term projects on the go, one's a dance / animation piece, the other is an awareness project against FGM.

If anyone wants to work with me, as a model, with their own project (we can do stuff for portfolio's, styling, body art, trompe etc, it does work both ways), or an artist who wants to hook up, you can contact me here, check my site billtalbot.com, mail me bill@billtalbot.com or google me.

Payment is important, and yep, like all artists everything is negotiable.
But the model does get the pick of the sketches and oil sketches and a percentage of the end sale.



08 May 10 14:50
Thank you for FR, good works
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