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(I will be shooting in Ashville NC several times a year)
Booking Now 2011
(2) Booking Studio Mount Carmel TN Aug 3rd-10th
(3) Shooting Rogersville Country Theme Aug 11th
(4) Booking Studio Mount Carmel TN Aug 12th-18th
(5) Muscle Heat IFBB Pro Greensboro NC Aug 19th-22nd
(6) Booking Tricities Aug 23rd-Aug 31st
(7) North American Cleveland OH. Sept 1st-5th
(8) Olympia Las Vegas NV Sept 15th-19th
(9) Kentucky Muscle Louisville KY Nov 4th-6th
(10) Nationals South Beach FL Nov 17th-21st

(Seeking Models For These Themes)
Old tin covered building Industrual setting
Old Barn sexy farmers doughter short jean shorts bikini top boots checkered shirt cowboy hat
Ripped Jeans bikini top in studio
Sexy fitness model thong bikini studio and location
Beauty and Rust in junckyard
Heavy Equiment sexy construction worker
Mudd Bogging old truck, jeep, 4wheeler. back in the woods bikini top cutoff jean shorts
Lake shoot on a boat, jet ski, rocks
Senic waterfall bikini
Back to nature
Sexy Biker tight jeans, ribbed wifebeater bikini top chaps skullcap boots coustom bike
Tough as nails carpenter boots, nail belt, jean shorts, bikini top, wifebeater
She Hulk pair of jean capri verry tight and ripped, shreaded top verry tight, black hair, and green skin, barefoot

News from World Physique this is the entire news release from june.
World Physique Press Release
WPM's Entering The Digital Publishing World

June 17, 2011 - World Physique. L.L.C., Publisher of World Physique Magazine, has decided to go 100% digital. World Physique does intend to make the print magazine available for those whom wish to purchase it, but their main focus will be on digital form. "Increasing numbers of subscribers to our iMag site, which is optimized for computers and touch cell phones, says to us that this is the direction to go. I feel it is a great choice and a great business move by our company because digital is in such high demand these days. It will decrease our UPC price, it will raise brand awareness, and we can be made available to a much larger audience; which circulation is the lifeline in the publishing world."

"With the latest increasing fees by our distribution company, it would be devastating to raise our price in this economy to meet this demand when we are already optimized to go digital. With full support of our advertisers and our subscribers thus far, we are excited about our conversion. We have already begun a new design for the magazine, coming our Summer 2011 issue, that will make reading us in digital form very simple and easy on the eyes", states Tammy Renee', Owner of World Physique, LLC.

There are changes in how subscriptions and individual magazine will be made available, though. "We do intend to keep printing the magazine", she continues to state. "We are partnering with a great company to continue bringing the print magazine to those whom wishes to purchase it. But, we will no longer offer subscriptions to the print magazine. We will only offer our iMag website for subscriptions. Our subscription rate just fell from $24.95 to $12.00 a year. What a benefit for our readers", says Tammy.

So, what does going digital mean for World Physique Magazine? World Physique Magazine is already being sold on Amazon Kindle, produced by, and can now be purchased for only $2.99 each issue. Amazon's Kindle has apps made available for mobile phones, PC and MAC computers for those that do not own a Kindle.

In addition, World Physique Magazine's immediate goal is to also work with other major companies and book stores with eReader and their apps. "I feel this is the way of the future in magazines and we are really excited about this change", states Tammy. World Physique Magazine is proud to announce our newest addition; WPM Women. Fitness for women, by women is our slogan. WPM Women will be in touch with what women in the fitness industry crave; great articles about women's issues, interviews with top models and competitors in the industry, great transformation stories and features, inspiration and motivation to get women through their workouts, through their day, and touch them in ways that women can understand; and great workouts that pinpoint exercises which targets women and their unique physiques and problem areas. The articles that will be included within this magazine will be written by only women; those with the understanding what women need and want.

We plan to have WPM Women available in print and in digital by our Fall 2011 season. We plan to produce this magazine once every three months but, to begin with, we will add it as "special editions" as we produce the original WPM until our readership expands.

We would like to welcome a few of our featured writers that will be writing on a regular basis for this magazine. Those include: Kim Dolan Leto (Ms. Fitness USA, Ms. Fitness World, and WBFF Pro), Sherry Goggins (Ms. Fitness America), Roseanne Venturino (FAP Competitor, CPT, GFI), Carla Hampshire (IDFA Pro & CPT), Cathleen Kronemer (CPT and National Level Competitior) and the list goes on. If you would like to contribute articles to this magazine, please contact us. To read full press release about another new addition, WPM COMPS:Click Here

I found these sites nice clothing for shoots. Good selection of dresses, tops, pants. Most under $35.00
For all things glamour. Has everything A-Z Most under $35.00 extend selection of all types of clothing include shoes most under $35.00

Contact anytime for TFDVD Session Possibilities
I am one of the most humble photographers you will ever meet. I have been told I am easy to work with and make the models feel at ease. I strive to produce the best images possible. I like to discover new talent and have in the past. I am always looking to help fresh new talent get a start. I travel across the nation covering National and IFBB pro bodybuilding events. I have supplied models for Nascar at Bristol Lowes team. I work car shows and need models to pose with the cars at times. (YOU DONT HAVE TO BE A FITNESS HARDBODY TO SHOOT WITH ME, I ENJOY SHOOTING WITH ALL TYPES OF TALENT.) I do shoot for World Physique Fitness Magazine and have since 2007. My E-Mail You can check our team out at I also have work posted on the Valkyrie Look for more updates soon

Credits (published) World largest and longest running all female fitness website.
The International Society of Photographers 2007 Outstanding Achievement in Photography Award
Harley Davidson Morristown TN
Bristol Motor Speedway
Hamiltons of Tri Cities Talent Agency
Kingsport Times News Womens Expo 2006, 2007, 2008
Knox Classic 2007, 2008 Bodybuilding and Figure Championships
Tennessee State Bodybuilding Championships 2007, 2008
Kentucky Muscle 2007
Arnold Classic 2008
MS International 2008
Battle at the River Bodybuilding Championships 2008
Tennessee Valley Bodybuilding Championships 2008
North American Bodybuilding Championships 2008
East Tennessee Sports Expo. 2008
Lickcreek Speedway 2008
Cherokee Speedway 2008
Thundervalley Speedway 2008
Boone Chapter Classic Cars 2008
P.W.F. Championship Wrestling 2008
C.W. Championship Wrestling 2008

Arnold Classic 2009
Northern KY 2009
Europa Show of Champions 2009
New York Pro 2009
JR USA's 2009
Battle at the River 2009
Southern States Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Championships 2009
Teen Collegiate Masters National Championships 2009 Pittsburgh PA.
USA Bodybuilding Championships 2009 Las Vegas
Dexter Jackson Pro/Am Jacksonville FL. 2009
IFBB Tampa Pro 2009
Online Glamour Magazine 2009

Phoenix Pro Mesa AZ 2010
Arnold Classic 2010
Steve Stone Bodybuilding Championships 2010
New York IFBB Pro Fitness 2010
Harley Davidson Orlando FL,
IFBB Europa Orlando FL,
2010 Pittsburgh Pro
Southern States FL,
Tampa Pro FL,
JR USA's Houston TX 2010
North American Cleveland OH, 2010
Olympia Las Vegas NV 2010
Nationals Alanta GA 2010
Rocking Wrestle Fest Kingsport TN 2010
Star City Meltdown concert Kingsport TN
Elite Muscle Classic Greensboro NC 2010
Kentucky Muscle Louisville KY 2010

Arnold Classic 2011
Roaring Records Corson Entertainment The "Metal Movement Tour" 2011
Plagues of Prophecy, A Soul Disowned, Decade of Deceit, Plagueworn, Bacalou, The Mad Divine.
JR USA's Charleston SC
Isle of Palms SC
2011 Battle at the River Chattanooga TN
The Rush Fitness Center Chattanooga TN
Ashville NC Photos by Nic
Flex Lewis Classic 2011
Biker Beauties submission shoot
USA Bodybuilding Championships 2011 Las Vegas NV

Models I have shot with and I would recommend to shoot with. Stars show number of shoots with model.
Leslie Thompson mm # 1479829 *
Emily Zaler mm # 1174543 *
Bulgarain Smile # 903668 *
Bethany LeighT #810606 *
Bianca Baker # 1427717 *
Barbora Koncena #1267688 *
Karla Dee # 1190181 *
Blonde Amazon # 500155 *
Jill # 1624297 *
DreaMariaV #1388505 *
Heather C #1420091 *
Megan Avalon #889076 ***
C.J. #1615917 **
Jamie #1484825 *
Ksenia - R T G #1082433 **
Heather Trinity #1932888 **
Hana Lively #552425 *
Ramsey Model #1356058 **
Ivancik #90963 *
Autumn ROSE Art #874344 **
Sarah Merrell #1959528 **
Amanda N Baily #1308186 **

Others Photographers I would recommend to shoot with
Dan Ray
Jeff Binns
Tom Nine
Pete Bliss


05 Aug 11 02:32
Love U Port...Perfect, if you come to jakarta maybe we can work together...:) You can also see a beautiful place in my country like Indonesia Anyer beach, Kuta Bali and the island of Senggigi which can be used as an object shooting
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