About Me

Hi, I'm Ken Mann.
I love to photograph people and catch them at special moments that capture a mood, feeling and a true sense of who they are.
I would like to expand and grow my business and experience through photographing beautiful people. I use state of the art nikon cameras, lenses and software to achieve wonderful results.
My style is what the subject /model needs and wants.
call me at 4038902090, email me at mail@kenmann.com. I'm not expensive yet and will barter as well. I've always pursued technical excellence as well as capturing the moment.
I take time to work with the subject since the great moments don't usually happen early. nothing is rushed but there is a definite sense of flow. I will continually review the results with the subject on the camera LCD to ensure that they are getting the results they need as well as for technical excellence. I have my own studio with many different kinds of lighting. I also work in any outdoor or indoor situation. I also do live events such as concerts and festivals. See kenmann.zenfolio.com for more of this. Anyone is welcome to contact me. No shows are not appreciated. Professional and responsible are to keywords here.