About Me

I love to shoot Artistic and Glamour work. My goal is to capture as many creative images as possible. I do my own photo-editing and retouching so all of the images you get from me will be fully edited and ready to print. I use professional equipment and have been shooting for more than 10 years.

What you should know about working with me...

1.)I will never pay you. Real photographers should never have to pay models in the real photography and modeling industry it is the other way around. Models pay photographers to create or add to portfolios, make Headshots, or create Comp Cards! All serious things needed for a professional model to get paying gigs. When you work with me you will get all of these things at once. (Keep in mind this is somewhat limited when working on a TF basis.)

2.) I am professional and behave that way please do the same! I hate flakes don't even contact me if your not serious and ready to shoot. I absolutely will not accept a friend request unless I have received a message from you...PERIOD!

3.) As so many have said before this is not MYSPACE and if I send you a friend request it is only because I hope to work with you, if you send me one it should be because you want to work with me! That's it! I'm not here to find love. I found it a long time ago. But thanks anyway...

4.) You absolutely do not have to take your clothes off to shoot with me. I shoot everything from high fashion to full artistic nude. Most models are somewhere in the middle, which is also fine with me. I like all kinds of photography and I am pretty good at all styles of photogrpahy except I don't shoot pornography sorry.

Most importantly I am a good guy with good intentions and I really just enjoy the whole process. I like what I do and it's been a passion of mine for a long time. So if your interested in creating some awsome artistic, and creative images just drop me a line. TFP/TFCD requests are always considered so let me know what's on your mind.


I've worked with quite a few people too many to list...

I have 6 photoshoots featured on the Wild Cost Bikini site.

I just recently had my second Magazine shoot which was a 3 page layout in Urban Ink Magazine. (Real Tearsheets!)

And my mother loves me! ;p