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About Me

ALL images are copyrighted and may not copied, modified or used in part or whole without expressed written consent.

There is a new blog online that I hope will entertain and enlighten both photographers and models alike. Please drop by Thanks for your support!

Many of my images can be seen at at:

"The one important thing I have learned over the years is the difference between taking one's work seriously and taking one's self seriously. The first is imperative and the second is disastrous." -- Margot Fonteyn

New Models: Read this blog if you do nothing else!

If you live in Hampton Roads VA, please drop by our Glamour Photography Yahoo Group at … otography/
We would love to work with you (Open to both models and photogs!)


Hello, and THANKS for dropping in! First and foremost, thank you for viewing my profile/portfolio. I really appreciate your time!!

I am passionate about photography. I am an accomplished, published, award-winning photographer. You can also see some more of my work at the link above. I love spending time out with my camera. It usually accompanies me everywhere I go.

My goal here at MM is to increase not only my personal portfolio, but to (hopefully) add to the portfolios of some of the incredible models here. I enjoy fine-art photography, and am particularly fond of portrait, glamour and boudior work.

I am hoping to (continue) reshaping my photographic style, and I am studying some of the masters: Helmut Newton, Man Ray, Erwin Blumenfeld, Nan Goldin, Cindy Sherman and Jill Posener, to name a few. Each offers a lot to learn and build on.

Why Me? And Other Stuff!
I believe that all photoshoots are a collaboration between Model and Photographer. We should be able to create some great images if we put our minds to work!

I am a photographer who treasures feminine beauty and expresses it in images with refined sensuality and elegance. I am always interested in new models and the creation of unique images. Let me know if you might be interested.

I will work with models on a TFFD basis to help them build their portfolios. Oh, what is TFFD? It is TFFD = time for flash drive (you need to always have a flash drive, aka a thumb drive, with some free space on it for your pictures, in your purse or bags). I don't with CDs!! They're a pain in the butt to work with, expensive, they are slow, and are so 2003...! Flash drives are really cheap now, I got an 8GB for $24 recently....holds a boatload of pics, so go grab one! But, if we do a LOT of shooting, a CD will be made.. 0

All models that work with me receive usage rights of the images we produce (I retain the © unless we make other arrangements). From our shoot they receive high res jpg file of every snap of the shutter downloaded to their flash drive. All I require from the model in return is a signed, standard model release. That's not so bad, is it??

If you want to shoot with me - please let me know. My schedule ALWAYS has openings!


I enjoy shooting nudes, implied nudes, boudior and glamour. However, I will never push this on anyone. If your profile says "NO" then I will respect that...and any other limits you may have.

I see the body human as a work of art and understand there are many, many creative ways to display it in a manner that can be breathtaking and visually stunning in images, either nude, implied or clothed. I am tasteful in all of my work, and you can see it in my photos here, or for a larger selection, check out my site above.

Please don't think that because I shoot nudes and implied nudes that it means that is all I have an interest's not! Please don't be so closed minded. I ONLY WANT TO SHOOT WITH WHAT YOU ARE COMFORTABLE WITH.



"The definition of a curve? The loveliest distance between two points."
~ Mae West

(and I happen to like curves!)

I have heard that there are photographers who will not shoot with models unless they are twigs...thin and of the so-called" "perfect model" such as those size 0 girls you see on Project Runway and the like.

NOT HERE! If you are a model, or want to be a model, I will be glad to take pics of you. Size 0 or Size 26, there are many women out there who are beautiful, in all shapes and sizes. My last wife was a size 18, and was stunningly beautiful (IMHO - see the pic "Virginia Gothic" in my port.) So, forget your size and let's make some pictures!


Now, let's start making some incredible photos...!!


MM models I have had the pleasure of working with:
Carly of Virginia MM# 887201
Morbid Meli MM# 1077316
Jenn Mango MM# 765049
Terra Morgan MM# 1245244
Ellie Retrophilia MM# 656706

My work has appeared in or on, or exhibited at:
Richmond Main Library 2nd Floor Gallery (2005)
Virginia Beach Central Library Gallery (2006)
The Virginian-Pilot (print) (1973)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (print) (1972)
TCC Times (Staff photographer & writer)(2009-curent)