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The words,even the best ones,are totally inadequate to explain things that are perceived through eyes.So it is vain to write whatever concerns my pictures.Those really interested in pictures just gaze at them.The rest is waste of time.

FRIENDSHIP:Just by clicking the "Add to friends" isn't enough.Be more active if u really want to be my friend.I do not collect names just to fill the space.I'm not interested in easy things even if great part of this game is virtual,which means easy.

My MOTTO here after one month of intense activity throughout hundreds(if not thousands!)pages of MM:If the photos are not good,what's the reason to expose them here? If the photos are pornographic what's the reason not to expose them elsewhere?

COMMENTS:My comments are kind of tribute,respect,love,appreciation or dedication to those photographers(above all) and models whom i consider worthy of the attention of everyone of us.So the purpose is not trading comments(i'm not that much vainglorious)but just expressing my joy on seeing beauty realised through photographic means.I don't care about commenting my photos but of course i feel flattered if that happens and i want to thank you for this in advance.But this doesn't in no way mean or lead to a kind of reciprocity if i'm not moved to do so.Sorry about this but this is my way.

MY PHOTOS ARE NEITHER CAPTURES NOR TAKES.THEY ARE STAGED TILL THE LAST DETAIL>So please no more comments of the kind:nice capture etc




28 Sep 11 07:11
Love it so much! and hopefully we can work together!:D
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