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About Me

I am a VERY retired photographer living on the Monterey Peninsula. I shoot now a days for the fun of it, for the creative high and for my aesthetic and spiritual development. I will photograph any style or genre you wish, I have no limits on subject matter.

I will assign all rights to the work we produce to you as I have no interest in selling or in any other way profiting from the product. Just the taxes are a pain.. You will, in return, receive RAW and .jpg copies of all the photos taken, on DVD, and they are yours to do with as you wish. I will not use them in any way and will attest to that in writing. I will assign co-copyrights to you also.

I am no longer paying for any ;models time. at least not in cash and not asking for pay for my time..If the trade of time described above doesn't appeal to you I am very sorry but I do put in hours and hours of work on each project and I won't be earning a cent. I still have gas prices to consider...etc. Over head alone is usually $100 at the minimum. On the other hand, I think the quality of the work will add to your portfolio.You gain experience, get the shots, get spend time with wonderful me and, hopefully, have a fun time. This seems very fair to me.

I have done a lot of figure work in the past but I won't expect anyone to model in any way objectionable to them. Feel free to bring an escort if that is more comfortable for you, I'd rather it be another lady though. Even non-jealous boyfriends or husbands are still jealous boyfriends and husbands.

In summation, if you wish to obtain some good photos of yourself, at no cost to you except an hour or so of your time then get in touch with me. And remember, you get the photos and all rights to them.

All of my partners in previous shoots have had a lot of fun and liked the results. Thank you

Elery Samuel Oxford



12 Mar 13 06:24
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