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At Tazz Anderson Photography, the extent of what I can shoot is only limited by imagination. I have mastered the art of stopping time with shots that portray the true beauty of every image created. With over twenty-five years of graphic design experience as well, my creativity is extensive and can go from mildly simple to wildly unique. I see much further than an "image through the lens" and would love the opportunity to share this creativity with you and/or your company. I can capture you in the style you so desire and need! Let’s discuss your new and fresh portfolio ideas and put those ideas to work for you.

I thank everyone for the comments/lists/etc. on my photos as they truly are an inspiration. I also thank all the wonderful models that I have worked with thus far for their fantastic job, and look forward to working with the ones I have yet to have the pleasure of shooting.

Friends, one can never have too many, however for a request approval, at least stop by, say hello, leave a comment or tag, and show that you were actually being friendly prior to the request or it will be denied! Friend stacking just for a hobby is not why we're here.

Please visit my website for all the important information concerning rates which are extremely reasonable, possible testing (TF*), and other miscellaneous info.

Tazz Anderson
Tazz Anderson Photography
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Phone: 757.289.5022
Email: tazzanderson@gmail.com
Web: http://www.tazzanderson.com


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