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HI Everyone. For those of you who may not know, Kostonets is a town 35 mins from Sofia ( the capital of Bulgaria )

I am looking to complete a number of already funded projects which I hope to complete here in Bulgaria.

I hold the destinction of LRPS from the Royal Photographic Society and will use the projects to form the basis of my next submission aswell as some commercial and private works.

If you are looking here, Live in the UK or Europe and would like to travel to Bulgaria for a long weekend, all costs paid of course please submit your profile number through e-mail. If we work well together this would form the basis of what I would hope to be a long standing union of models and photographer.

I am looking for models happy to work at all levels and ideally happy to work with more than one model in the shoot. I am certain I do not have the monopoly on ideas dduring a shoot and love to work with a flow that gives us both / all , chance to explore the shoot and so the results.
Even if you have no experience at the moment I look forward to broadening your portfolio with you.

I am happy to work Time for Disc as well as a consideration as payment. We would need to discuss this but I am sure we can come to an agreement that we are both happy with.

I look forward to you getting in touch and hopefully to working together in the future.

If you have questions please mail me.


27 Dec 09 17:29
Thanks for your creative feedback. It would be great to work with you sometime as well:)
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