About Me

**Notice: I am starting a short hiatus, my wife and I are spending time and bonding with our new 19 month daughter.** I will be back in the swing of things soon enough.

Hello world, my name is John. I am a DFW based photographer currently building a portfolio so I am doing only TF*. I am willing to work with MUA, Models, and other photographers for the benefit of my port. I joined MM to better collaborate and network with anybody in the industry.

If wanting to shoot with me, send me a message. I am available most nights and weekends. Right now I am only set up for on-location shoots but I have great areas in mind.

Note: Even though I live in Dallas, I visit the Killeen area often, so I am willing to set up shoots there as well. If interested send me a message.

Also note: I am a happily married man. I treat everyone like I want my wife to be treated. So if you want to be hit on, or flirt with, look elsewhere.

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AFI Dallas 2009
Dallas International Film Festival 2010