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I have a decade of photography experience and have done product, advertorials, sports photography, and more recently, for a number of online shops.

Certain things that should be noted:

1) Models should try not to be late.

it is important for models to be punctual. this is especially so for shoots where a studio and/or stylist and/or make up artist is required.

2) Shoots should only be done when both Model and Photographer are comfortable.

As a matter of principle, I would only like to shoot what is agreed upon and will not proceed if the Model is not comfortable with the concept. An uncomfortable environment will spoil the photo.

For paid shoots, please do avoid bringing your friends/girlfriends/boyfriends/grandmother/dog/hamster, etc.. money paid is for a shoot, not socializing.

3) Models below the age of 17 are strongly discouraged.

4) Under no circumstances should the models be touched

Contact of any form is discouraged strongly during a shoot, except for the makeup artiste and stylist. If there is any adjustment to be done, the photographer will tell the model and the model adjust it themselves.