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About Me

i am a self taught photographer.and my pursuit for the perfect portrait is relentless.

started off in 1999 as the designated 'birthday photographer' and i havent looked back since then.

i like the ala carte feeling of randomness.and i like to take this feeling with me in style.i'd like to grasp non-convention and i hope to do this with the models i intend to work with.

if you are deliberating on trying something new,don't ever resist should me a mail.

i do all sort of shoots and i know photography is a matter of luck, but what is luck without decision. i decide we're lucky to be together ,photographer and reprieve you in an act of timesless suspension..the enigma of your charm...focus my feelings ....the science of harnessing beauty.

call me.i am currently looking for new /burgeoning/ models who would like to collaborate in TFCD.