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About Me

Welcome, my name is Maurizio Salvatore Iacono, I was born in Sicily, Italy and now live in the LA area, and would love the opportunity to do some work with anyone who is serious and passionate about what they do. I live and breath photography, I really believe this is my calling in life. I have always loved taking pictures, even from a early age when my Grandfather introduce me to it.

I was Photo Editor in my High school and college, took classes at the Art Center College of Design and unofficially instructed at Otis Parson College of Art and Design. I worked at Master Lab in Burbank where I was in charge of processing and printing all the Prints for the Gene Audry Museum. At Master Lab, I was a Master Print maker and worked with all sorts of film negatives and enlargers. Dodging and burning was all done by hand under the enlarger.

I have also worked in the Digital catalog field, where I managed and ran Art departments, for clients Like Macy's, Arizona Mail Order, The Right Start Catalog and many others.

I've been a photographer for 15yrs, mostly taken pictures of still, nature, kids and candid. Love people photography and fashion. I have an eye for the right moment and a knack for making the pictures communicate what your trying to say.

Currently I'm expanding my retouching Portfolio, and looking to do more Glamor and fashion.

If you have any images that your not happy with and need it retouched, PM me and I'll' see if I can help.

Below are my rates. Most of my work consists of Basic Retouching with a few exceptions.

My Rates are Per Image:

Basic Retouching $10.00
Overall color correction
Overall Tonal adjustments
Basic blemish removals
Small body shifts and corrections

Regular Retouching $20.00
Basic Retouching, plus
Body and skin enhancement including skin soften and detail sharpen
Major body and skin shifts and retouching.
Simple background changes

Photo Manipulations $50.00
Regular Retouching, plus
Major image manipulations
Combining multiple images
Creating special effect like smoke, rain, fire, etc.

My bulk rates are:

Based on a per image cost, for the normal $10 per image "Basic Retouching"
1-9 images are at regular price.
10-24 are $1 off
25-49 are $2 off
50-99 are $3 off
100+ will be quoted based on turn around and image subject.

Not sure what your image would cost to retouch?, send me a low res version and I will give you a price.

Send images to

Thank for visiting my iStudio Portfolio, BTW while your here make sure to leave a few comments.



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