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About Me

I am a painter and sculptor who has been using a camera all my life to gather visual reference. Ten years ago I began to use my camera as an art making tool and along with some very simple software to make mythic and surreal images. I work in close collaboration with the men and women that I photograph. To get the best work, I feel that both photographer and model need to have a sense of actively participating in the making of the work. Usually the best work evolves the more I work with someone and both comfort and understanding levels grow. I am particularly interested in working with models who are also visual or performing artists, and who can bring all their skills and creativity into the work. Having said that, I firmly believe we all have creative talents and wonderfully varied ways of expressing them!

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Recent Exhibitions

Solo show, Gora Gallery, Montreal, February 2007

Kunstforum International Awards, Perugia, Italy, October 20 - November 3, 2007

Fotobild, Berlin , November 8-12, 2007

Microsoft Collection, Dublin, November 26-30, 2007

Spirit - The Spirit in Art , Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, November 10-18, 2007

Florence Biennale December 1-9th, 2007

Peace and Art, Horta, Azores, January 2008

Top 40, Los Angeles Centre for Digital Art, April 2008

Little Treasures, De'Marchi Gallery, Bologna, May 2008

Cosmic Consciousness, Ico Gallery, New York, September 2008.

Real, Ico Gallery, New York, November 2008

Traces of Memory, Estense Castle, Ferrara, Italy, November 2008

Solus Gallery, Leitrim (Solo), August 2009.

Little Tresures, De'Marchi Gallery, Bologna, May 2010.

Featured in the following publications in 2007/08: Rage (Montreal), New York Arts, Con-Fine (Italian art magazine),
Art Journal (Italy), Tribeca Tribune (New York.)


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Superb work!
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