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" What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot recognize the fact that the foot is more noble then the shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with which it is clothed?..." Michelangelo

I endeavor to find beauty in everything, and present it in a tasteful manner. Human beauty surpasses anything else, thus the human body is a world of discovery.

I have over three decades of experience, in different genres of photography.

Eroticsime is as old as time. While it exists in images of flowers to fruits, yet the human aspect of it, I find very reviting esp when done tastefully, and presented as such too. In my view at times less is more and more is less. The soft light dancing on the lips can be as erotic an image, as other parts of the human body. Yet capturing the essence has been a challege which, photographers and artists constantly endeavor to create.

I constantly look for new faces, forms of expression. Please dont be shy to contact me. If you have no experience before the camera, just know you are equally welcome.


I feel compelled to write this note about TF and paid shoots. I do not pay models unless I am being paid to shoot a particular person/model. In that event the model gets compensated. Please do not think that taking clothes off before a photographers camera deserves compensation. Photographers time is as valuable as a models/mua/stylist.

IMHO taking clothes off before the camera is not what makes a shot nor should nudity be desirous of compensation over clothed shoots. At times the hidden is more alluring then the seen and vice versa.

Lastly anyone can get naked but not everyone knows how to be naked before the lens and communicate. Having said that let us shoot and create.


I am not here to make friends, but to collaborate. Please do not mistake this site for Facebook et al. I will be happy to add you as a friend, if I have worked with you, or you have left comments on my work ( good or bad ).


02 Apr 14 11:45
Amazing port!
23 Mar 12 19:28
Your work is outstanding !
16 Jan 11 18:31
Original and innovative. Good work. Rezart
20 Oct 10 22:41
Umar! I had so much fun shooting with you, thanks for everything:) Myra
30 Sep 10 15:08
Hi there, here's my waves, hugs and flying kisses. :) Hope you are having a great day. Keep up the amazing work. xo
29 Sep 10 17:49
thank you for the pic comment! :-)
25 Sep 10 08:16
i let my bush grow thick except on labias! rene
19 Aug 10 16:45
Thanks . Great to hear from you. Some interesting tags you have here. Woodie.
17 Aug 10 18:00
i`m not bi! RENE
08 Aug 10 19:54
i will wait till bush is covering pubic front as i really get very hairy<>
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