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"We don´t take pictures, we make them"

My professional experience as an artistic photographer includes models from Europe, Russia, Africa and now I am looking forward to work with Latin-American models (recently moved to Mexico city). The deliberate choice of pictures in this portfolio, leaves no doubt that each of these photographs is meaningful to me and the model in a special way.

With the exception of a few images, I do very little retouching on my work as I consider my self a "classic photographer".

Most of my work is NUDE, however, that doesn´t mean it is absolutely necessary to be naked to achieve a high quality result. If you are not comfortable with this or have boyfriends or husbands that do not understand ARTISTIC NUDE then try with the other photographers.

I have no problem with escorts for a first time shoot as long as they realize they are strictly a member of the audience.

TFCD will be considered, just ask.

Good art always move forward and I am changing the pictures over time, so if you visit again my portfolio, you will see different photographs from different models and/or different photographs from the same models and eventually, you will get a good sense of my photographic eye.

I do not collect friends, you can do that in Facebook so please send a comment with your FR.




Laetitia Elizalde - Model - January 2011
"It was very cool to work with you! Lety"


08 May 11 03:35
you got some really hot images in your port ..keep up the good work
30 Apr 11 14:47
Great port, lovely work!
26 Feb 11 12:38
thanks for the FR!
20 Jan 11 15:03
Thanks very much! Great work
16 Jan 11 18:48
Thanks for the tag and FR. Look forward to viewing more of your shots.
16 Jan 11 17:59
Thanks for the comment and I agree!!
09 Jan 11 20:29
Outstanding images, hope u have a great 2011!
05 Jan 11 08:09
Welcome to iStudio and thanks for the comments!
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