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I'm a bright an interesting 21 year old and what you'd call a creative mind, since how ever long I can remember I loved art and expressionism. So I think it fit that I love retouching,web-design, graphic design, HTMLing and CSSing. I been retouching for about 10 years and I have learned so much and I still continuously learn more. I gained this advance knowledge from years of self teaching an further going on to study retouching and retouching tutorials. I really hate when a photo is over-exposed or blurred beyond recognition! If you want to look plastic please do not contact me! My technique's are sometimes complex but mostly simply going step by step and keeping the subject looking HUMAN not plastic! Every retoucher should use this as a basic building block!


I LOVE working with new models and photographers to Modelmayhem an to the modeling industry in general. I use to model an still have the passion to do so, so I know how costly it can be. I offer TF ONLY if I see you have something unique or your images will enhance my portfolio. I do offer bulk retouching and my prices are ideal, if you require additional information inbox me!

Bulk Rate's:

10 photos at $3 per photo= $30 Limited---> 10 High Quality Retouches For $10.00

20 photo at $3 per photo= $60

30 photo at $3 per photo= $90

contact me for more rates.

tip: I charge $3 per photo on any bulk set of images. Bulk rates apply to 6 photos or more. Anything under 6 will be charged as a single rate.

Single Rate's:

Color correction: Level's, Contrast, Saturation, Curves $10

Basic Beauty: Fly-away's, Blemish Removal (lite), Teeth, Skin $15

Advance Beauty: Body Mod, Hair Extensions, Lashes, Advance Skin $20

Restoration Rate's:

Quick restore light: scratches, dust, minor tear, faded colors, dirt removals $15

Advance Restore heavy: dirt, tearing, faded color and contrast, complete rip $25

... If you can find better go for it!




08 Oct 11 17:09
Congrats for winning our September POTM. Here's your logo for your winning image. Thanks for your patience. God bless always! Keep up the amazing work....
01 Oct 11 13:01
You have some VERY Stunning work, Absolutely Beautiful. the Colours are perfect for capturing the Models. <3
27 Sep 11 07:17
D Thank you for the FL !! =) You Have A marvelous Port And Experiences. Really Great Art Work So beyond Amazing Beautiful^^
01 Mar 11 20:07
CONGRATULATIONS for winning our Picture of the Month (POTM) photo contest for February. You deserved it. Keep up the lovely work!!!! Have a great day, Marianne WRS
10 Feb 11 21:16
You have a great body of work!
29 Jan 11 19:14
Outstanding images, I hope u have a great 2011!
28 Jan 11 11:25
things that make you go ummm ?
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