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They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and Marlin Woodruff captures the innate individuality of all his subjects. With his lens keenly focused he rhythmically transforms movements of time into a motionless frame. His inherent desire to see the world through his perspective created reels of films dating back to the early 90’s. When asked when his initial spark for photography was ignited he states ,“When I was 10 my uncle had this huge Nikon lens and I was attracted to how large it was and wanted to know what it was for. He showed me how it worked; I’ve been hooked ever since”. Marlin reveres photographers such as Gordon Parks, Marc Baptiste and often quotes Brett Weston stating that “Photography is 90% sheer brutal drudgery! The other 10% is inspiration”. He is intrigued by all forms of photography and thrives off of the subtle movements of light, shadow and form. His style seems to switch up depending on the object of his lens leaving him with an extensive resume including Glamour, Portraits, Head Shots and Modeling Portfolios. His scenery doesn’t fall short as his work includes gorgeous scenes of Ireland, Paris, France, Canada and domestic areas such as Miami, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico. He is currently working on a project which depicts the diverse and often unexpected scenes of New York City including the people, transportation, landmarks, monuments and the overall fast pace of the city life.

He states that he is seeking that one great shoot but it’s apparent that his work up until this time has left fractions of greatness in each and every frame. With Marlin Woodruff behind the lens one click is bound to capture your magnificence and you will be pleasantly inspired by the results.

"The Future of Artistic Expression!"



NO TFP,TFCD. If interested, please contact me for my reasonable rates.

Vainstyle Magizine
FashionLedge magazine
HipHop secrets T.V.
Zashan T.V.
onya feet music group
xit-19 music
locations: Paris, Ireland, D.R., P.R., Aruba, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Canada, Miami...

And to all the great talent I have had the chance to work with thanx!


25 May 10 17:50
thank you so much for the nice tag :)
25 May 10 03:23
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
12 Feb 10 22:54
Hello, I just wanted to let you know that you have a AWESOME port. Keep up the GREAT work! One day I would love to work with you! Peace & Blessings, Moor-ena EL
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