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Let's go people. "If you believe in yourself invest in yourself".

Let's kick down the door to 2010! Acid Media is filling every second of the year so.... for a limited time we are shooting tfp/tfcd shoots on all unbooked slots. That's right if we aren't booked we are filling that time with you! Call,note or email for availabilty.

Acid Media is a young and dynamic media company utilizing the latest in digital technology to provide top level professional photography and media service for a wide range of needs. We are experienced in Personal and Commercial photography, Marketing, Event coverage, Portraiture and Modeling and press kits. We are based in the Tidewater area and are able to cover events across the Us as well as International destinations

For Booking Call 1.888.268.4352 or local 757.574.3565

"First Person Shooter"
-Lorenzo Williams-

I am the owner of and primary shooter for Acid Media llc. Photography and art are the longstanding passions that bring me to where I am today, freezing time. What could be as important as making history, capturing it for the future. Acid Media is the child of my creativity and is named so due to the fact my visions usually resemble an abstract acid trip and this is very much on purpose. An artist and collector of "beautiful is me, cliche is what I am "NOT"!




28 Oct 11 17:13
thanx for the friend request! for bookings www.atastefromheaven.com -Angel
28 Oct 11 17:13
thanx for the friend request for bookings www.atastefromheaven.com -Angel
03 Oct 10 14:51
Nice port! Can't wait to see more growth! Lea Jol'an
25 Jun 10 05:15
Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
24 Jun 10 19:20
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