About Me

I view a “TFP” or “TFCD” session as a Trade, by that I mean you trade your talent and I trade my images and/or prints, in other words we’re equal partners on the session. Many photographers do not have this philosophy, and if I were doing this to make a living rather than pursuing an activity I enjoy doing I might have a different view as well. My release guarantees that both you and I can use them for any noncommercial use. None of the images will have “PROOF” or my name stamped across them and you’re free to make additional prints of them on your own.
Now more about me, I’m a mature photographer who has been taking photographs for fifty years and my experience includes wedding albums, newspaper event coverage, corporate brochures, etc. and I’m looking to expand my portfolio into the creation of model portfolios.
I take the time to compose the shots and get it right. I’m a patient person who gives excellent direction (if my 6 year old autistic grandson can follow my directions you certainly can) or if you’re experienced at posing I can follow your lead.
My TF package includes all of the “raw” photos on a CD before you leave my studio, then you pick the pictures that you want me to “tune-up”, by that I mean remove blemishes, lines, etc. and I print them for you and send the corrected images with them on a CD in a timely fashion (days not weeks).
I am also a PhotoShop wizard and I have an extensive collection of high resolution digital backgrounds and special effects available for editing photographs.
Since I have a day job I shoot in the evenings and week-ends in a safe and secure studio environment where you will be chaperoned by a member of my family while we work or I can work at your location if a suitable space is available.
Escorts are always welcome, not to "help" or direct the shoot, but if they make you feel more comfortable the resulting pictures will be better.

Previous Shoots:
Jen Thomas – Mayhem # 822815 – CoverShots Studio 2/28
Cindy Pons - Mayhem # 1258839 – Her Agency 3/7
Paragon Modeling Agency Casting Call – On-Location - 15 Models 3/15
Kristen Martin – My Studio 4/10
A$hley Amber Bottoms - Mayhem #1180588 - My Studio 4/20
Lil Miss Fidget - Mayhem #1216643 - My Studio 4/20
Kathie Cole - Mayhem #784329 - My Studio 5/30
Apathetic - Mayhem #769413 - My Studio - Maternity - 6/7
Sam Dayton - Mayhem #1205132 - My Studio - 6/7
Valerie Braunhardt - Mayhem #1106193 - My Studio 6/8
Sam Dayton - Mayhem #1205132 - My Studio - 6/14
Jazz Dayon - My Studio - 6/14
Luna-Bella - Mayhem #505554 - My Studio 6/23
Sam Dayton - Mayhem #1205132 - My Studio - 6/23
Tie Me Up Tina - Mayhem #1135186 - My Studio - 6/29
Cindy Pons - Mayhem # 1258839 – My Studio – 7/3 PM
Sam Dayton - Mayhem #1205132 - My Studio - 7/6
Chelsea Phee - My Studio - 7/6
Adrrana McPhee - My Studio - 7/6
Apathetic - Mayhem #769413 - My Studio - Maternity Shoot # 2 - 7/13
Not_Your_ChinaDoll - Mayhem #409712 - My Studio - 7/17
Unconventionelle - Mayhem #1146974 - My Studio - 7/20
Sam Dayon - Mayhem #1205132 - My Studio - 7/27
Ravenstarrsnowy – Mayhem # 371494 - My Studio – TBD
Luna-Bella - Mayhem #505554 - Boston Common - 7/29
MsTrinityRyann - My Studio - 8/1 - Body Painting

Potential Shoots:
Jonny_Ot - Mayhem #544643 - My Studio TBD

Other than the shoots scheduled above and July 29-31 I'm available anytime.