About Me

Oh so happy to be on Model Mayhem. MB Studio is here to celebrate the freedom and independence of the modern woman in all their beauty.

- Are you looking to find images that can move you to the next level?
- Do you want to become a great model and be paid highly?
- Are you frustrated working so hard and getting small results?

I'll work with you to realize your dreams.

My style is open and free with focus on elegance and play. I love to collaborate with each model using my skills and imagination. I love the creative process combining light, imagination and imagery with each model to get spectacular photos.

There is NO FEE to the each goddess for TFCD. I believe in giving back.

I help every model realize their dreams. Whether a new model or very experienced my goal is to create images that expand each portfolio to further the model's career and to have them profit from the experience. Let's make magic and money collaboratively. Above all I believe in fun!

I'm always available to chat. Just send me an message at marcus4177@gmail.com. We can talk all about it.

Marcus Bello
MB Studios, NY