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Hello, my name is Paul Demarco. Being Owner and President of Kool Kat Studios since it'™s inception in 2001, Professional Videography, Photography and Graphic Design has been my passion. After networking with other professionals and being associated with people who work hard, Kool Kat Studios has experienced a growth period and we have taking on many new projects.
The studio has added two new High Definition Video Cameras to capture only high quality film footage along with professional sound equipment to enhance our work. Kool Kat Studios is currently involved in œKellie Lynne's made for MTV/CMT music video I'™m There The editing and production of this film will be my passions trademark signature.
We travel to all 50 states and over to austrailia a new business venture we are involved in...we love the aussies in the land down under. we will release later this year international beauties a magazine we have designed and own the rights to...we have also now added The Glamorous Diva's Dreams Do Come True magazine and Hard Bodies Freaks Of Nature Magazine...all for sale soon. Links will be posted here..

We want to work with you so give us a go and see what we got...our packages are awesome and get results...give us a call , you wont be disappointed...keep an eye out for video footage coming soon...we want to introduce the studios newest spokesmodel...we have a few...unveiled soon...
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What i want from this site is to make a whole network of new friends that aren't afraid to meet the new guy on the block. it doesn't matter what nationality your are. male , female, african american, or white. I am not here to hold your hand, i am here to capture the beauty you have and make you the next top model.

I am a take charge guy that never backs down from a challenge. i am not afraid to approach you and tell you that you can be what i am looking for. i do alot of freeelance work as well as some studio work. i travel quite a bit to nashville, north carolina, new york, ohio , just to name a few.

If you do happen to visit my site you will find alot of new updates , but not the most recent as this is now the busy season. i work my website in the fall when things slow down.
anyway there is enough there to tell you i am serious in who i am & what i do. We have a ton of projects coming up and will be posting casting calls.  


Limited TF Or TFCD because we are moving in yet another direction...
cost will depend on what you wanna do with me...inbox
me for rates...2 hours time...three outfit changes...
on Basic Ports,Full Ports, Body Painting is 50-100 and hour...
Model Releases are required and we will not give out unedited proofs
at all..proofs are forsale and price will depend on how many are taken.
we sometimes include them in the paying packages for an additional
fee...free gets none at all unless you want to pay and the proofs can
cost in the upward price of 80 dollars...

Photo Interests:
*Maxim Style/Fitness
*Implied, suggestive


We are agency approved and if you need representation we can recommend who we would go with and the rest is up to you...  

#1 rule make sure your agents, agency's know you are doing a shoot with me. also i encourage the models to travel with there choice escort. If not represented by anyone we are all set to go...let the shoots begin  
One more thing that i forgot to mention is that all photographs are tasteful unless you the model specify otherwise...we do not shoot nudes unless asked to do that..we will however shoot very passionate shots for you with whom ever you decide to shoot with and Implied..clothing is at your discretion meaning...if you want to be fully clothed or in a bra and panties only or you want to be in a bikini...doesn't matter i am here to capture you and your dream.  

Glad to meet everyone here can't wait to work with you all..

Recently i Encountered A Stalker and I Couldn't Help Myself so i
had to share it with everyone...

Profile Stalkers Crack Me Up...Get A Life and Move On...Copy
What You Need To, Screen Shot It As Well In The End It Is
All Good...If I Worried About Each One Of Ya...I Would Be
Broke And Have No Life...Have A Great Day...

Paul D
Kool kat Studios  



Professional Press
Dear Paul,

Thank you for submitting to the Naomi Campbell Photography Creative Invite.

After extensive review, Naomi Campbell and Jo Elvin (Editor of Glamour Magazine) have reviewed the submissions and selected their winning model and photographer for the project.

Naomi said, "The entries for the Talenthouse Creaative Invite have been incredible and it was really difficult to choose the winners from so many excellent entries."

Professional Affiliations
Painting Faces 7
Shoranda - Makeup Artist
I go way back with this artist and she is always a very professional woman to work with...i would recommend her to anyone..when you need color she's your lady

Erika - Wow is all i can say...she got it going on..

Lulu - Great Model To Work With

Morgan - Great Model To Work With

Jantila - Awesome girl to work with

Bellann - Awesome girl to work with..america's next top model maybe

Katie - A pleasure to work with...now on Cambino TV In LA

Bethany MUA - wardrobe/makeup/hair Also Give
Good Direction To Models For Pose

Angie - Great Model To Work With

Kayla - Great Model To Work With

Stephanie - My Ambercrombie Girl...Awesome To Work With

Kyra - Another Great Model To Work With very energenic

Brianna - Awesome To Work With

DJ PhOeniXXX - My Dark Night Of A Buddy very good
to work with

Xrated Buddah - The Princess Of The Dark And Really Fun To Work With

More will follow as i have time to add them...Thanks All

My Networking Accounts

Face Book



Live Stream

2010 Arms Fest Videographer - Met America's Founder of And
First American Gladiator Donny Plonski and Regretfully Dan Carr
Passed Away When He Was Killed In And Accident...Donny Is a
Great Friend of Ours. He Got Presented An Award That Night In
The Ceremony.

2011 Charity Calender For The Food Bank Shot July 2010

2010 Wattsburg County Pageant Queens Court Photographer

2010 Wattsburg County Pageant Jr. Miss Court Photographer

2010 Wattsburg County Pageant Princesses Court Photographer

Named In The Top 10 Photographers In The World
To Shoot In Europe For Supermodel Naomi Campbell
made thru to final round.

Flatout Magazine 2011 Featured Model

VIP Photography For Many National Bands

Glamorous Diva's Magazine Dreams Do Come True 2011

Hard Bodies Freaks Of Nature Magazine 2011

International Beauties Coming Soon

Executive Producer Of Music Video "I'm There"

Executive Producer Of Music Video "Walk Away"

Executive Producer Of Music Video "Mr Wrong Is Always Mr Right"

Executive Producer Of Music Video "Ello"

National Recording Artist - Kellie Lynne

Freelance Photographer To Agency's in Rochester,NY

Freelance Photographer To Agency's in Erie, PA

Magaritiville.com - 2009 Jimmy Buffet Concert

CMT Exclusive Videos

CMA's 2010 (Country Music Awards)
Had Fun Thanks All

Fallback Tour 2009

Straight Jacket Tour 2010

We The Kings 2010

Erotic Arts Festival 2010



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