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 Imperial (lbs/in.)
 Metric (kg/cm.)
Weight:98 lbs
Measurements:30-26-31 in
Shoe Size:7
Hair Color:Brown
Hair Length:Shoulder Length
Eye Color:Hazel
Ethnicity :Caucasian
Skin Color:White
Experience:No Experience
Join:21 Aug 2009
Last:23 May 2010

About Me


I am a model. My job is to create an image with my photographer that is pleasing, sells a product, and over all is marketable. If you are paying me, I promise to get you the results you are looking for, all I expect of you is the direction you want me to go in. I am very easy to work with, flexible and relaxed. I find this fun, and being creative is the best part. I photograph quite tall, and find that height is never an issue in my photos, so please don't reject me for height. Although I understand I won't ever work in runway or high fashion more than likely. My goals are commercial print modeling, as well as just doing commercials in general.

.::Things to Know About Me::.

I am punctual (usually quite early) and you should be to. I like to have time to speak with the photographer, and make sure we're on the same page, and help setup if need be.

When I schedule a shoot, I always allow for more time than we planned, just in case things go wrong, or if we want to keep shooting longer.

I know how to pose. I have a tendency to change poses with each camera flash, so if you need me to slow down or hold the same pose for a few takes just let me know.

I do a lot of posing with my eyes, and by changing facial expressions in the slightest of ways. So if I hold a pose more than once, it's likely I'm trying different facial expressions.

I love to share ideas, my poses and your poses can all be done. I like to play with emotion, and feeling so if there is a feel you want just let me know and I'll do it.

I am highly energetic, and it can last for 12 - 16 hours at a time. So it's likely that by the end of our shoot I will still be quite bubbly. ^_^

I will do what I say I will. If I say I will meet you ahead of time, I will be there. If I say I will send you an email, It will be done. All I ask is that I recieve the same courtesy. I understand people get busy, we all do, but it's the professional thing to do, to follow through, in my personal opinion.

I have never flaked before. I will not ever flake. If I happen to be running late for whatever reason, I Will call you and let you know. I don't like to leave people wondering if I am going to show up.

If I get flaked on, it's quite likely that I won't really reschedule with you. Sorry, that's just how I feel. Likewise, if I ever flake on somebody I would hope they exercize the same idea. It's disheartening, and aggrivating.

I will respect you as a photographer, and I need you to respect me as a model. If I'm not comfortable with something I will let you know, and I'd appreciate it if you respect my requests in photos. (For example, I prefer not to have my genitals showing in any of my images. Please respect that if there is a slip and don't post it anywhere.)

I have an assistant. He comes to all my photoshoots and takes behind the scenes photos of the preparation for a shoot, and the interaction between model and photographer. He helps me with my wardrobe. You can ask anybody I've shot with about him, he stays out of the way, is not intrusive, and is actually quite helpful to the creative process by offering his own ideas to shoots.

.::About Me::.

I'm Karolynn. I find modeling to be one of the most enjoyable activities I have ever done, and even though most of the time I was just doing it for fun, I recently decided that it might be worth pursuing. I love to be creative, and thus I love photoshoots where I get to be creative. Some of my most favorite styles are the out of the ordinary types, and I love photoshoots that reflect that. I have a lot of fun ideas for photoshoots that I would like to do as well, perhaps someday I will get the chance. Which is why I am here on Model Mayhem. Hopefully I can meet some fun and interesting photographers, build my portfolio and get more time doing the things I enjoy to do. I have email, instant messengers, and a phone line available twenty four seven, in case anybody is interested in contacting me. For now, send me a message and we'll go from there.

Right now, I specialize in Boudoir images, it seems to be my best area, but I am also very interested in commercial and print modeling. I've had experience in all those areas, as well as Pin-up and Alternative, and semi fetish modeling as well I suppose. I'm always up to try new things and new types of modeling though and I do love a challenge. ^_^

.::Shoots I would like to Do::.

Fairy-Tale Themed Shoot
Something Dark and Creepy..maybe Ghost like haha
Victorian Themed Shoot
Luis Royo Art turned to Photo Shoot ^_^
Victoria Frances Art turned to Photo Shoot ^_^
Medieval Theme Maybe even Gladiator haha could be fun
Dragoon/Video Game Themed Shoot
Vampire Shoot would be fun too
Animal Kingdom type shoot
Super Hero Shoot
Rainbow Brite Shoot
Dance Silhouette Shoot
Pirate Shoot
Cheerleader Pinup Shoot
Ritual Shoot
Stereotype Shoot
7 Deadly Sins
7 Virtues
(Open to more, basically I like the creative things. ^_^)


*Always subject to negotiation*
1 hour shoot - $35
2 hour shoot - $60
3 hour shoot - $110
Topless and Implied - $75 an hour. I don't do shoots that show nudity below the waist, it's just not my style. Body paint is okay.

**If I have to travel to you I may need a gas stipend**

I have a Myspace and a Facebook but I prefer to only add people who are interested in working with me. Which includes photographers as well as other models that might want to do a collaborative shoot with me ^__^ If you would like either of those send me a message.



22 Jun 10 13:54
GREAT STUFF. I love the look.
19 May 10 23:08
Awesome work! Since OMP bought out Istudio and they might close this site down check out ModelingINTL.com its free and offers 100 photo space!
17 Apr 10 10:53
Awesome portfolio
05 Mar 10 04:45
Hi Ragdoll, i seen your photos and i think they are very attractive, elegant, stunning, beautiful, and your a very elegant Lady, Love Gareth.
23 Nov 09 19:48
Hi :) You have a lot of great photos! I'd love to work with you -Todd
01 Sep 09 22:54
Very lovely work in your portfolio. The only problem I see is that you live to far away. Best of luck with your modeling. MLS
22 Aug 09 14:59
Simply awesome, your creative bent. Welcome to the studio, and I look forward to seeing your untapped potential blossum under the focus of my lens, or any lens pointed in your direction. Beautiful with a a capital B. Kudos from this Canadian photographer.
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