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I have a passion for creating photographic art as a joint venture between photographer and model with energy input from make-up artists and computer artists.That goal does not include selling a “product” but focuses on making art. I have spent my life striving to sell something, now it’s time to just create. I would love to work with you to build a great portfolio as long as I can do some artistic work with you too, shots that fuel my own creative side. I have many years of making a living as a photographer and marketer, now I want to do some of the projects that were inviting but not necessarily commercially viable.

I work with models who shoot nude, but you'll never see any work that I wouldn't show my wife or my 89 year-old mother. I do not allow boyfriends or husbands as escorts. If you must bring an escort after checking my references, you may bring a girlfriend, sister, cousin, MUA, etc... Escorts are not within eyesight of the actual shoot, and do not get to make suggestions or become an art director.

From me, you will get aesthetically pleasing images and some that are designed to stimulate thought. I have an interest in exploring taboos that most people believe no longer exist. If you are also open to new thought and not inhibited by conventional thought, I’d love to collaborate.

I am looking for models willing to be sexy, sensual, and flirty. I am here to create art, not relationships. I am friends with all the models I have shot, but if I were looking for relationships, there are hundreds of better sites I'd go to.

I'm very reliable (that means I show up on time and ready to start and I only call to cancel last minute if I am dead) and I work hard, so I ask that you do the same. If, for you, getting ready and making it to a shoot on time is a chore, don’t even bother . . . . if, however, you'd like to create some new images for your portfolio and mine, I am your guy.

I will ALWAYS PAY you CASH plus all photos. You, your time, and your energy are worth something to me, even if you have no experience and you're just stating out. I occasionally accept paid assignments, but I am not seeking them.



22 Jul 10 01:54
thank you so much :)
21 Jul 10 01:43
Thats even worse. One of the three I have had the last t2wo weeks, I wrote her and just said "your kidding me, right??" I can see she read the message... not a word from her.
16 Jul 10 18:59
Thank you for the pic comment. Have a great weekend.
24 Jun 10 23:43
Amazing port and photos. Welcome to iStudio family!!! - Marianne WRS
16 Jun 10 20:40
If it's not fun then why do it?
27 May 10 18:48
25 May 10 19:59
Welcome to IStudio. Please let me know if you're ever in need of any professional photo retouching for your photos.
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