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Lisa Shaughnessy is a professional photographer who has worked in many aspects of the industry. Through her range of experience in photography, wardrobe styling for shoots, and modeling, the collaboration is brought together in her images.

I do ask for a model's release to be signed on my shoots.

IF YOU ARE A WARDROBE STYLIST, HAIR OR MAKEUP ARTIST, CLOTHING DESIGNER, ETC. who wants to collaborate with me, please send me a private message.

Regarding any castings I may have, please keep in mind that they are just personal projects that I would like to shoot, so please be aware that there is NO paying client. If you would like to be involved, please submit your information, and if you fit into my vision of the project ... :)

However, if you like my work *smile*, and would like to have some of my photography in your portfolio, I can get you some awesome shots to market yourself with to get work. I don't do TF, so please tell me the kind of pictures you would like to have (modeling portfolio, actor's head shots, music CD or book cover, other commercial work, etc.), and how many looks you would like to do, and I will send you my rates. You may also share with me the concept(s) that you want to shoot so that I plant it(them) in my brain, and think about locations, ideas, etc. Serious models only please. :)

Barter: I am also open to bartering with you if you have goods or a service to trade with me, in exchange for being photographed. For example, if you would like to trade fitness training services with me, that is something I would like. Right now, I am also interested in bartering for Membership Rewards points/or similar. Or, if you feel there is something else you would like to trade, you may always make the offer. It doesn't hurt to ask.

My direct email is



1. Nails - please have them groomed, painted either clear, a very pale shade of milky pink, or french manicure.
2. Make sure that you bring lots of shoes and boots.
3. Undergarments that will not show through the clothes (not lumpy, no patterns, and in black, white, and nude).
4. Do not wear the clothes that you will be photographed in to the shoot. Bring them with you so that they do not get wrinkled. Additionally, bring something different that buttons down, or zips up, to wear while you are having your hair and make up done. You do not want to take the chance that you will get make up on your clothing, or have it wrinkle while you are sitting in it. If it buttons or zips, you will not ruin your hair when you take it off in order to put your photo shoot wardrobe on.
5. A few modeling tips (Do's and Don'ts):

If you are new to the industry, you must know what is expected of you regarding cancellations. If you are booked on a job or a project and you have to cancel, you have to replace yourself with another SKILLED and RELIABLE professional; because, if the replacement is unskilled or unreliable thus upsetting the shoot, it STILL falls back on YOU as flaking.

People who want to shoot with me who will not telephone, or give me their number. One 10 minute phone call is worth 25 emails, and it is very discourteous to me to expect me to waste a lot of time like that on unnecessary emailing, particularly when everything could be taken care of in 10 minutes on the phone. Further, you must bear in mind that you are not the only person who must be coordinated and scheduled for a photo shoot. Please be respectful of me, and my time, and consider that everyone should be scheduled and questions answered in the most efficient way possible. Every one's time is valuable.





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Hello! Welcome to IS!
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Just stopping by your page to say hi! Please let me know if I can ever be of any assistance with retouching any of your photos.
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