About Me

I have been taking Disital photos for two years.
My works are portrait.
An effort to make my account of istudio is to get comments with my photos and to study from other's photos.
I can't speak anything through my pics.
I'm no mature ,nostyles. Now seeking for my syle.
Some one said " You are after teen's porn. "
But I didn't after ,always take photos by my client's order.
Of course, to determine Posing,composition,lighting,myself.
My models are over 18 years old.
All My Photos are retouched a little.
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i want


05 Feb 10 07:41
Hi there, Notify me if you are traveling to Bali. Cheers,TITA
28 Nov 09 05:22
Interesting work - captivating models. Great!
25 Nov 09 08:35
perfect tell me know ...stay tuned!!!
25 Nov 09 07:55
Outstanding Japanese Schoolgirl photos. This is a "Fetish" for many people. Great photography niche.
04 Nov 09 06:48
Greetings! Nice port u have :)
29 Oct 09 10:26
Domo: )
23 Oct 09 11:01
Thank you and you are most welcome..
22 Oct 09 08:04
Welcome also...
22 Oct 09 08:04
Beautiful work!!
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