About Me

I have a particular interest in using period sets and costumes in my work.
I also like to dabble in the unusual, creating querky themed one off shots.

I pay my models - I don't usually do TF unless you have an idea that really grabs me.

When paying models I will consider sharing a few of the pictures with the model for use in their portfolio but only if they have reasonable rates.

I am always interested in models who have good ideas or can contirbute a costume or outfit. I do however have a loft full of clothes and props and can usually come up with something.

Chaperones are normally welcome at my shoots but please check with me first. I can always find a use for a "holder and folder".

Current Projects:
Mamma Chronicles
Looking for the last 3 models.
I am working on a book entitled the "Mamma Chronicles" which joins tasteful, topless Portrait photographs with a statement by the model of what her breasts mean to her as a woman. What part have they played in who you are? How do they affect your femininity?
I am nearing completion of this fascinating project but still on the look out for ladies of any age (18+), race or size to feature. Looks, shape, size are unimportant as this is about the woman behind the breasts!

I'm looking for diverse ladies of any age, size, shape and nationality.
In particular ladies from other than UK nationalities will be considered or if you have something unusual about your breasts!

Please contact me for more information.

****This is paid work****.


Nice things people have said about me (bless them!).........

Cheryl G (CJG1964)
Had a lovely shoot with Harry today.He is a really friendly guy and made me feel totally relaxed and comfortable throughout.I would recommend working with Harry to any model and hope to get the chance again.Hope the project takes off and thanks for everything.

Machiavelli ID :
Harry is lovely to work with - relaxed, enthusiastic, creative and spontaneous. He took some great pics that captured me "as myself". I'd recommend him to any model who wants to do more than just pose & pout!

Brilliant working with harry! lovely work! really love the action man shot, Alex the other model there was also lovely to work with, it was really nice to get some different shots that day! hope to be back again soon. x

Harry is brilliant! I truly enjoyed working with him, he is so imaginative. His wife Jane is a lovely woman and her creative input is considerable.
Would love to do more work with Harry in future

Just Danielle
Had a good time you're a great photographer, you & your wife make a good team! Can't wait to see the pictures I'm sure they are amazing!
Likewise for the reference!

Really enjoyed the shoot. Harry and Jane were lovely, and I was extremely comfortable working with them both. Nice cat too!

he is a crazy gentle man with many crazy ideas!and he do a lot of work to develop the idea before shoot. He is full of humour and very hard-working. anyway, happy to shoot with him and happy to be crazy again

Shay Hendrix
Had a really fun and interesting shoot with Harry tonight, was a great chance to let loose and do some random stuff! Really enjoyed it, highly recommended.

Red Dove
Worked with Harry and Jane yesterday, if you want more than "just a shoot" don't hesitate to work with this couple. They are fun and imaginatve with exceptional attention to detail. I hope there is a next time!

what can i say,i had a wicked shoot with harry.hes fun and relaxed,made me feel very comfortable,great ideas!resulting pictures are amazing,would love to work with him again.highly recommended !

I enjoyed my shoot with harry. He is full of idea's and easy to work with. It was great fun trying a sixty's themed shoot ! Happy to work with him again. Highly recommended!



Katie Daze 473267
Dannie Piggott 495344
Little Miss Floz 423968
Danialaxx 344674
Francesca Taylor 539400
Momoko Takahashi 554389
LucieB 322090
Nicole Nie 618951
Chloe-L 674740
Taz3 746469
AlexB 747822
Ladybuzzkatt 687755
Keira2085 745131
Dressur 881671
Machiavelli ID 1196450
CJG1964 897373
Chrissie_Red 618353
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Rosemarie Orwin 61990
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Vertical-Lines 1230614
EdenEthnicModel 724938
Alexander BoyKitten 675500
Scarlet Duggan 478700
Baltic Temptress 857427
Nymphae 24 835624

These are models I have worked with on Model Mayhem, there are many more from other sites.


03 Jan 10 12:56
;) Thanks same to you. Just walking in the front door now....You will have a boobtastic story by the end of today. E x
13 Dec 09 20:35
Hey ya I am able to travel to Berkshire, and yes I have boobies :D Is your casting still open? admin@justeden.com Eden x
29 Nov 09 06:49
Thanks for the Tag.
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