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William-Bruce-Matthews-Photographer if you want to find me on FB. Give both the FB and web site some love and I will return the favor.


Feel free to look at my images and comment. Now I am that man with a camera. Good thing too as now I am not going to look for ways to make you pay me to be in front of my camera just ask that you want to enjoy working at making fun, sometimes wild and always great images with me.
So, if your willing to dress up or put on fun make up, go out and hang out around the water or in the water or in my small wood row boat to make images.... I am your guy.

Yes, I have references, yes I am still here for now, yes you can bring a friend I will put them to work holding reflectors.

No, I do not tend to pay other then files and now and then a print anymore. I am doing this for FUN and "art".

IF you see images you love and want to create something like them for you to sell, great, let me know and we will talk about it.



Katryn Ann model and makeup artist

MsMo and Dave Models

Get Glamorous wit Nelli

Kaitlin H Model





09 Jun 15 08:18
Nice work
15 Apr 14 16:33
Beautiful port!
12 Dec 12 09:45
Hi William and thanks for your recent pic comment. Just like most people, we are a proud nation and proud to show it. Regards, Jeff...
05 Aug 12 12:42
I enjoyed viewing your port!
17 Apr 11 21:26
William, Im a fan of great compliments, Fine Images, and men who speak their mind. All of which you posses! <wink>
12 Apr 11 08:43
16 Feb 11 20:37
Great Photos, would like to work with you also, you would love NC Great places to shoot.
11 Nov 10 14:09
thank you
20 Aug 10 14:43
Amazing work as always. Keep it up! - Marianne
11 Aug 10 12:25
Good Morning! I will have to go check it out.. I haven't ate there yet. I hope you have a Great Day! xoxo, Amy
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