About Me

currently traveling around the region and soon Europe.

only working with selected like minded models. I am more interested in highlighting the architectures of the human body and how the body can complement the fabric. not the other way around.

if you are a great model you will look great even in an average outfit...
if you are an average model you will look average even in a great outfit..
my focus is to highlight you not your outfit... !

always looking forward to working with models who are confident with their body and would like to capture themselves in the most unique and artistic ways. and that does not mean NUDE!

my genre would be :
elegant portraits
body silhouettes
sexy elegant fashion
implied nude - strictly for models who can handle it...
artistic nude - strictly for models who want to do it...
maternity art...

for friend requests please leave a picture comment or tag. at least i know what u think of my work or else why be frens? otherwise i may not add you...




10 Apr 14 15:37
Amazing port!
10 Feb 14 13:22
nice looking work
16 Feb 12 16:35
no new update?
31 Oct 11 09:37
Hi there. Cool port with some cool concepts. Jeff...
28 Mar 11 19:19
Thanks so much for the photo comment :)
28 Mar 11 08:55
Thanks for the Add :) Have a great day!
28 Mar 11 08:51
thank you:) xoxo
28 Mar 11 07:36
Thank you for the Pic Comment. Beautiful Port!!!!
11 Feb 11 06:35
Amazing port and photos. Keep it up!!! Thanks for the add and tag... Big hugs, Marianne WRS
08 Feb 11 05:10
Thank you!
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