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First and foremost, I do this because I love pictures and have loved them passionately for 29 years. To the degree that it is practically possible, the art will always come before all else with me. I am happy to help select models build their portfolios and achieve their goals but, as a rule, I do not do basic portfolio work. That said, I am always open to collaborating with creative, resourceful, enthusiastic and open-minded people. If I want to do nudes with you, I will explore that option with you before the shoot. While nudes are not a prerequisite to working with me, I do prefer versatility and flexibility in a model. I do not pay models unless I am being paid by a third party, in which case the model will be informed, permissions obtained and fair compensation negotiated. I require models to credit anything used online or elsewhere. As a rule, I do not distribute print-sized jpegs.Note: I will not tolerate pretentious people and I have no time for divas. So leave the attitude at the door and let's make art!




02 Apr 14 11:49
Nice port!
21 Aug 12 08:59
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09 Aug 12 19:47
Thank ya Sir...:)
02 Jul 12 14:08
Nice work.
13 Jun 12 05:44
Thanks again for the comments!
11 Mar 12 07:08
Jose! can't wait to work with you again you are my favorite photographer and you know that kisses!
13 Jan 12 02:18
I will let you know when I come back down :)
12 Jan 12 17:51
Thanks for the love buddy nice port BTW
12 Jan 12 13:44
thanks for your compliment on my picture!
21 Dec 11 10:58
very nice port you have ...good work
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