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About Me

Bonjour , je m'appelle Marco
Photography is my one passion in life! I only want to work with people who take this seriously.
I am very personable and very professional. I love helping new models and photographers as well as learning what I can from experienced models and photographers.
I want to shoot Business, Swim, Lingerie, High Fashion, Punk, Couples,business.
If there is anything you would like to shoot let me know if it intrigues me I will make it happen.
If we're shooting TF - I do not allow escorts on the set, whether it's studio or location but i will allow someone to meet and greet me as well as check out my studio and or location where we will be shooting).
Couple of reasons:
1: If you're new to modeling, I want you to focus on the camera and what you're doing, and having your friend on the set makes that much more difficult.
2: If we're shooting studio (which happens to be at my house), I can't be bothered trying to keep an eye on an escort and shooting at the same time! I have expensive equipment, and stuff has mysteriously disappeared before...
And if you do your homework, and contact models I've worked with before - you'd probably realize that you don't need an escort - and we'll both get better photos out of the shoot!




29 Sep 10 12:21
Welcome! Very interesting gallery! :@} Pietro
29 Sep 10 04:03
Just stopping by your page to say hi and welcome! Please let me know if you are ever in need of any retouching assistance :)
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