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About Me

I just got overwhelmed when I did a quick casting to do some free editing. No longer doing so entirely...unless I ask you or if you offer and I LOVE you/the model's look.
My rates are super fair though, a lot less than most and are negotiable for large amounts of pictures.

$40/10 images
$80/20 images
(each photo I will edit 2 or 3 different ways so more like 2-3 photos for $5)
You can let me do my own thing and I promise you I will get you multiple images you will love.
Or I can do my best to meet you desires if you can provide a description or show me sample images of what you like.

Send me a message here and I'll send you my email where you can send photos you'd like me to edit.
It limits editing too much when photos are of lower quality and size.

I MAY consider you depending on your look. I want to edit more of a variety of models. I am looking to edit: blondes, redheads, models with freckles, unique European looks, Indian/Arab models, Asian models, and men with muscular or rough/rugged looks.
That is still dependent on photos. Quality, size and overall photo composition is important.
Also just a couple for TF when I decide to do so. You can send me lots and I'll choose my favorites if that works too.

Models/MUAs: Only send me photos if you have verified with that photographer that it is okay to have others edit.


08 Jun 10 06:46
I am delight to be the first to welcome you to iStudio!
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