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About Me

I have practiced most genres of photography from travel and landscape to street and portraits. I love light and form and composition. I discovered the sensuality of weathered and water formed rocks and I spent days and much energy seeking out rock formations to photograph. Many times I would find the formation but the light would not be right.

The human body offers similar and endless variations on the theme of light and form, and in the studio, I can control the light. One day I will learn how.

Looking at my portfolio, I realize that I need to add some environmental and location shots, so I will be moving in that direction as well.


Transformations: I have also been exploring the elements of image and have been experimenting with the elimination of visual detail while retaining essential mood and narrative. My "Transformations" illustrate this work.

I hope to use IStudio to view other photographers work, to contact models for my transformatios work, and to get feedback. If you are looking to enhance your portfolio with nudes, want a photographer you can trust, and you like my style; contact me, I shoot TF for select models.

Please check my MJ-Perspectives profile above for my non-nude work.

About friends: If I contact you with a friend request or accept your friend request, it means that you are a photographer whose work I admire, or you are a model with whom I would like to work sometime or with whom I have worked.



12 Feb 11 15:07
Great port! I'd love to work with you!
27 May 10 18:56
Thank you for joining this community! I love your B&W!
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