About Me

Hello Everyone !

All I can say is what my photography is , is all about the accumulation of my sweats and blood.

With the intention to create a photograph with soul, I am trying very hard to learn more, and certainly less photoshop.

I am a freelance photographer based in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Everyone from all over the world if you are visiting Malaysia, kindly drop me a message and I might consider me as a tour guide cum photographer.^^

It would be nice to work with people with different countries, cultures and personalities.

I named my photography as Just Simple, because life is already very complicated? Why still look for complicity in images? Everyone is unique and Just simply beauty . I just wish to capture the simplicity of how my subject it is.

If you would like to work with me, kindly email me at jsimple.photography@gmail.com

Thank you! Have a Nice day


1)Angel (not in MM)

2)Ferra (not in MM)

3)Felixia yeap

4)Nikki (not in MM)

5)Layla (not in MM)


7)Gio Gio (not in MM)

8)Johnny (not in MM)

9)Rotten Apple & Taki (not in MM)

10)Sweet Yen

11)Soo Wincci & Cindy Chen ( Miss Malaysia )(not in MM)

12) Vting (not in MM)

13) Manja (not in MM)

14) Eunice (not in MM)

15) Kana (not in MM)

16) Jenny Foh (not in MM)

17) Gwen (not in MM)

18) Valerie Yu (not in MM)

19) Vins wong (not in MM)

and more....


18 May 12 10:04
Yes I am! What do you have in mind? You could PM me. =]
19 Dec 11 23:50
Thanks North light!
19 Dec 11 22:27
Thank you!looks fun!
19 Dec 11 22:23
Welcome to iStudio.
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